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Learn how to meet women at a Toronto PUA Bootcamp

My bootcamps have been changing lives for 10 years.

Well, the reviews are in for my last Toronto PUA Bootcamp, and they’re pretty darn good. I’ve been teaching pick up  and dating Bootcamps in Toronto for over six years now, and have established the best reputation in the business. These bootcamps aren’t about me. They’re not about me showing off how good I am with women, or spouting off on my theories about picking up, dating or relationships. What they’re about is getting my students the results they’re looking for.

Playboy’s Review of My Toronto Bootcamp

So, here’s what Playboy  had to say about my last bootcamp. Yeah, you heard that right, Playboy came to my class and had great things to say.

 TenMagnet, though clean-shaven with perhaps a little less of a definitive look, was equally unassumingly. Slightly taller with shorter hair, he exhibited no signs of laborious care. No products styled his hair, no tan tinted his skin. These were two guys, as average as you or I who intended to lead the lost with claims of astounding success despite or in spite of any overt physical advantage.

Well, what do you know, I’m a normal guy, that’s nice I guess :)

They go on to say:

They were handing down the blueprint of a relaxed, perfectly in place individual: a comfortable, confident and ultimately ‘cool’ guy. Of course in the beginning it would be rehearsed, stiff, and brought down by the mental stumble through the steps. But in time and with practice the performance part would fade; like learning to play a song, the actions at first clumsy would become natural, a matter of reflex and muscle memory.

You can check out the whole review over here. Needless to say, it’s pretty positive and I’m very proud of it.

The Toronto Star’s Review of my Toronto Bootcamp

Maybe if playboy isn’t your cup of tea, you prefer a more respectable newspaper, like the Toronto Star. Well, here’s what the Star had to say about one of my Bootcamps.

Brandon, a shy teen who travelled to Toronto for the recent weekend-long course and paid the steep $3,000 fee for entry, is also beaming. “I feel so great after that . . . I just got tired of being shy. It’s a lot of money for someone my age. But I knew I needed a push.”

The goal of some here is as pure as a Hallmark card – love, romance, a soul mate. Others clearly hope to use their newfound knowledge for more lascivious intentions. Either way, a female-focused plan of attack that seemed beyond reach 72 hours ago feels suddenly attainable to most.

Pick-up knowledge is power.

You can see the whole Toronto Star review here. Or check out the CP24 review, or see the video of our appearance on CP24. 

Student Reviews

 Here are some recent Toronto Bootcamp reviews that students have posted on The Attraction Forums (our free public dating advice forum).
The course is worth the money just to meet the guys.
Our group was small and but these are some of the most down to earth, solid, fun guys I have ever met. I wasn’t in top form, but everyone was always supportive and encouraging.
Cajun and Tenmagnet were unbelievable in the field. I have never seen anyone go from first contact to makeout in 30 seconds before! That just blew my mind. Thanks to Sully for the support. Ken and Jesse were great. And, of course, Oliver and Mark. I wish you guys well. Hope to meet up somewhere in the future. Day game perhaps?
This is an experience for a lifetime.
Seriously recommended. I might just redo the course when my game is a bit better. – Halifax NS. (Original Link Here)
Or how about this one.
On Friday night, I did get to hang with him for a good portion of the night. What really opened my eyes was how fun he made his interactions and that there was nothing overly complicated about what he was doing. You could tell that the only thing that he cared about was having fun and this showed in set as he had the girls laughing almost instantly. At some points I was feeling pretty down on myself, Tenmagnet was there to give me the kick in the ass I needed to get back in set. Within the next few sets things started to go better, so it goes to show how important it is to just keep approaching even though things aren’t going that well because your unconscious mind will make adjustments automatically. Another huge realization I got from this guy is how your game doesn’t have to be that sparkling to be successful.
All in all I recommend taking a bootcamp with Love Systems to anyone who can afford it. If nothing else, your reality will be shattered. I recommend approaching enough before hand to get the AA down. Finally, keep an open mind and check your ego at the door and this will no doubt be a great experience for you.
Check out the full review here. 
I’m proud of my Toronto PUA bootcamps, and I’m proud of the excellent reviews that I get. My focus is about really helping my students cultivate the kind of life they want to have, and to date the kind of women they want to date. My whole bootcamp is about taking you from point A, where you are, to point B, where you want to be, in the minimum amount of time. I have the best track record in the business and my Toronto PUA bootcamps come with a 100% money back guarantee.
 I teach in Toronto several times a year, so the next one is probably soon!

Or, if you’ve already decided to signup, register for my next Toronto Bootcamp, sign up at the Love Systems Homepage


  1. I’d love to see you try the high calibre women at a place called &CO on Latin nights every Wednesday. These are 9’s and 10’s it’s one thing gaming women in general but 10’s is a whole different ball game. It’s a shame that you guys have nothing for intermediate to advanced guys

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