Reviews of my Munich Bootcamp

I’ve had a couple of Munich PUA/Pick Up Bootcamps now, and the reviews keep coming in.  I really love Munich, pretty much everyone speaks English, and the women there are beautiful and smart. Even when Oktoberfest isn’t on, the city is bustling and beautiful and fun. Here’s a video review of my Munich PUA Bootcamp […]

In the Media Recently – With

I’ve realized recently that I have been TEACHING too much, and writing way too little. Since September I’ve been working almost every weekend, in Europe, Australia, Mexico and of course, my beloved Canada. In the meantime, I have neglected this blog a little bit, so here’s an update with some really good content from my […]

The Reviews are In (And they’re good)

So, the reviews are in for last month’s Toronto Bootcamp featuring Cajun and I. Looks like the students had as awesome a time as I did. This though, is my favorite part. I don’t want to keep going on and on about how great this course is but let me just finish by saying that […]

Does Lovesystems Work?

There’s an interesting conversation going on in the Attraction Forums right now. A prospective student wants to know if Lovesystems works, and whether he can trust what we’re teaching. The full thread can be found here. Fader makes a good reply when he writes: There are a pics on the lovesystems site. Your best bet […]

Cajun and Tenmagnet on Sex Matters

Here at Lovesystems, we don’t hide from the media or try to veil ourselves in secrecy. We’re proud of what we do; so when CP24, a Toronto news station, was doing a show on “Pick Up Artists” and wanted to sit in on our Toronto bootcamp, we were happy to invite them along. Now, personally, […]