Cajun and Tenmagnet's Pick Up Podcast

Cajun and I have made a few different pick up podcasts, in various locations around the globe. Enjoy our archives!

The Third Annual Tenmagnet and Cajun Low Budget Pickup Podcast

Cajun and I took some time out in Monaco to record a podcast and answer some important questions on dating that our friends and fans asked over Facebook. Check it out!    

In the Media Recently – With

I’ve realized recently that I have been TEACHING too much, and writing way too little. Since September I’ve been working almost every weekend, in Europe, Australia, Mexico and of course, my beloved Canada. In the meantime, I have neglected this blog a little bit, so here’s an update with some really good content from my […]

Tenmagnet & Cajun Low Budget Video Pickup Podcast Part 3

Cajun and I have been really busy recently, drinking, fishing, combing our hair, pickin’ up ladies and stuff. But we got together one day a few weeks ago and put together a new low-budget video PUA podcast. We do this because we love you guys!

Tenmagnet & Cajun Pickup Video Podcast #2 – Approach Anxiety

So, our last podcast was a huge success, with almost 20,000 (!!) people tuning in to watch. Well, it took us almost a month, but Cajun and I managed to get our butts in gear and make another podcast. This time, the topic is a big one – approach anxiety. Cajun has some awesome stuff […]

Cajun and I do a Pickup Video Podcast

Cajun and I sat down last week for a bit, and answered some questions from viewers at The Attraction Forums. Hope you like it! Also, here are some of the videos we reference during the podcast. Mic Jagger and David Bowie – Dancing in the Street (Updated) Do your best jagger And here’s the original Spagett […]