The Single Girls Guide to Meeting European Men

Oh look, someone else thinks they’re qualified to teach dating.

Cajun and Tenmagnet on Sex Matters

Here at Lovesystems, we don’t hide from the media or try to veil ourselves in secrecy. We’re proud of what we do; so when CP24, a Toronto news station, was doing a show on “Pick Up Artists” and wanted to sit in on our Toronto bootcamp, we were happy to invite them along. Now, personally, […]

Lovesystems in the Economist

Well, this came as quite a surprise, but the Economist just published an article mentioning Lovesystems, entitled “Dating in the Downturn“. All in all, it takes a pretty businesslike approach to the topic, comparing Lovesystems to eHarmony and, but noting: …online giants are missing a trick that the underground pick-up industry learned long ago. […]

Dating Science in the Media

I’ve just found out that sometime next week, the Tyra Banks Show is going to do a feature on Lovesystems. I wish I could have been on there, despite the fact that the media generally prefers to paint PUA’s/Dating Coaches/whatever you want to call us as liars, douchebags or asshats (though to be fair, some […]

Lovesystems with Lawrence Leung on Australian TV

Cajun and I are in Sydney Australia this week, hanging around on Bondi Beach and doing a little bit of surfing before our dating seminar this weekend. Anyway, we were surprised to find out that Savoy was on Australian TV this weekend, in a segment for the TV show “Choose your own Adventure”… I haven’t […]

NYT post on Negging

There’s a NYT post on the Freakonomics Blog about negging. As usual, it totally misrepresents what a neg is, and therefore comes to the conclusion that the community is a bunch of…