Cajun and Tenmagnet on Sex Matters

Here at Lovesystems, we don’t hide from the media or try to veil ourselves in secrecy. We’re proud of what we do; so when CP24, a Toronto news station, was doing a show on “Pick Up Artists” and wanted to sit in on our Toronto bootcamp, we were happy to invite them along. Now, personally, I don’t like calling myself …

Chris ShepherdCajun and Tenmagnet on Sex Matters

Lovesystems in the Economist

Well, this came as quite a surprise, but the Economist just published an article mentioning Lovesystems, entitled “Dating in the Downturn“. All in all, it takes a pretty businesslike approach to the topic, comparing Lovesystems to eHarmony and, but noting: …online giants are missing a trick that the underground pick-up industry learned long ago. “You can meet the best …

Chris ShepherdLovesystems in the Economist
Tyra Banks interviews Lovesystems

Dating Science in the Media

I’ve just found out that sometime next week, the Tyra Banks Show is going to do a feature on Lovesystems. I wish I could have been on there, despite the fact that the media generally prefers to paint PUA’s/Dating Coaches/whatever you want to call us as liars, douchebags or asshats (though to be fair, some are). Anyway, I think it …

Chris ShepherdDating Science in the Media

Lovesystems with Lawrence Leung on Australian TV

Cajun and I are in Sydney Australia this week, hanging around on Bondi Beach and doing a little bit of surfing before our dating seminar this weekend. Anyway, we were surprised to find out that Savoy was on Australian TV this weekend, in a segment for the TV show “Choose your own Adventure”… I haven’t heard of the “Rubics Cube” …

Chris ShepherdLovesystems with Lawrence Leung on Australian TV

NYT post on Negging

There’s a NYT post on the Freakonomics Blog about negging. As usual, it totally misrepresents what a neg is, and therefore comes to the conclusion that the community is a bunch of…

Chris ShepherdNYT post on Negging