Love Systems announces our new Dating Course

Why a dating course? Have you ever blown it on a date with a woman you like? Have you tossed money and time down the drain going on dates that just don’t work out? Have you ever gotten frustrated because you know you must be doing something wrong, but you don’t know what it is? […]

Six Reasons Why Women Flake on Dates. (And how to deal with it)

You’re excited. You ought to be excited; you have a date tonight and she’s gorgeous. You got her phone number a few nights ago at the swanky club downtown. At first she seemed intimidating and aloof, but by the end of your conversation she seemed totally into you. You had things in common. She had […]

Dating ambushes.

A dating ambush involves going on a date where you have no reasonable hope of hooking up, or even building good chemistry. At their best, ambushes just waste your time and money. At their worst, an ambush can completely destroy your chemistry with a woman and leave her thinking you’re a tool. Game can help you a bit in these scenarios, but your best solution is not to fall into her trap in the first place.

Flaking: Never treat someone like a priority when they treat you like an option.

Do you have a problem where people “flake” on you for social events? Dating coach Chris Shepherd gives some simple advice and attitude changes that can help this not be an issue.