Helping a student with some daygame on Sunday after bootcamp.

Cajun and I do a Pickup Video Podcast

Cajun and I sat down last week for a bit, and answered some questions from viewers at The Attraction Forums. Hope you like it! Also, here are some of the videos we reference during the podcast. Mic Jagger and David Bowie – Dancing in the Street (Updated) Do your best jagger And here’s the original Spagett video, and the follow up, …

Chris ShepherdCajun and I do a Pickup Video Podcast

TSB’s Top Pickup Artists of 2008

TSB Magazine has released their “Top Pickup Artists of 2008“. Cajun got the number three spot, Mr. M got number 8, and Soul and I got honorable mentions! All in all, it was a pretty good showing for Lovesystems. I had the privilige of meeting the TSB guys when I was in LA in October, and although I didn’t actually …

Chris ShepherdTSB’s Top Pickup Artists of 2008