How to dance to be more attractive

Dancing well is probably one of the best things you can do to pick up women (aside from taking a Lovesystems seminar, of course!). It doesn’t take much to be a good dancer – I’m told that I’m a great dancer pretty regularly, and all I really have is a sense of rhythm, a lack of shame and two months …

Chris ShepherdHow to dance to be more attractive
Cajun and Tenmagnet in Europe!

My Sets Aren’t Hooking, What do I do?

A guy on the Lovesystems Lounge recently posted this question, and it represents a common problem amongst guys who are new to the game, so I thought I would post it here. What I find is that in some sets, I do the majority of the talking. Meaning, I start a thread, we talk about it for a bit and …

Chris ShepherdMy Sets Aren’t Hooking, What do I do?

Six Tips For an Improved Attractive Posture

Attractive Posture There is an epidemic of bad posture amongst men in North America. And it’s not just skinny guys or completely out of shape guys who suffer from this epidemic. Gym goers, workaholics and techies suffer equally. And they all have the same problem with their posture – weak, rounded shoulders, a forward-jutting head, and belly that sticks out. …

Chris ShepherdSix Tips For an Improved Attractive Posture

The Shut Up Challenge

In my last post, I talked about the “Silence Exercise”… a game I play where I try and be as silent as possible in set. This is actually a really useful exercise for improving your bodylanguage, confidence and conversational skills. Anyway, I thought that I would start a little challenge to the guys on the The Attraction Forums and this …

Chris ShepherdThe Shut Up Challenge

How important are looks?

I noticed that Thundercat’s blog is talking about looks vs personality, and how they relate to pickup. I thought I’d chime in since it appears to be the topic du jour. I have to confess; I don’t think I’m an ugly guy. I don’t think I’m that good looking either, I’m kind of neutral. Women used to tell me I …

Chris ShepherdHow important are looks?

NYT post on Negging

There’s a NYT post on the Freakonomics Blog about negging. As usual, it totally misrepresents what a neg is, and therefore comes to the conclusion that the community is a bunch of…

Chris ShepherdNYT post on Negging