RSD Jeffy's Text Game

Jezebel and others slam RSD Jeffy

I very rarely use this blog to trash my competition (the exception). Partially, this is because I don’t really spend too much time thinking about the other guys in this business of teaching pick up and dating to men, but it’s also because I think it’s a bit unprofessional to speak poorly of your competition.

But sometimes you have to speak up.

If you’ve been following the blogs recently, you may have noticed that RSD Jeffy has gotten a bit of negative attention from the press. It seems as though (edit: the friend of) a writer for Jezebel went on a date with RSD Jeffy and wrote about her negative experience. This caused other women to speak up about their stories about RSD Jeffy, including a professional escort, and several others. Nobody had anything nice to say.

Common themes include: meeting on OkCupid, Jeffy being pushy in the bedroom, RSD Jeffy freaking out and berating women who won’t sleep with him, and generally being an insane douchebag. I highly recommend you read the articles above for the full story.

RSD Jeffy's Text Game

RSD Jeffy’s Text Game

This is doubly ironic coming from guys who go on and on about the “inner game” of picking up, and being “unreactive”, and getting in touch with your “true self”, while “pimping” the club. Of course, a lot of that advice is actually pretty good. You should focus on your inner game, you should be unreactive, and getting in touch with your true self is probably a good idea. But when you’re learning how to do this stuff, who are you taking your cues from? People who have their act together? Or people who are deeply messed up?

There’s a saying in medicine: “First, do no harm”. And that’s something I take seriously when I’m teaching guys. If I give 90% good advice, and 10% harmful advice, am I really helping the guys who come to me? If 90% of the time I’m teaching men how to be more confident, in touch with themselves and competent in their relationships with women, and 10% of the time I’m indoctrinating students with my own insecurities, am I really helping them? Or are we just trading one set of problems for another?

This is the problem with a lot of the PUA scene. You have a lot of guys out there who give 90% good advice and positivity, and 10% bad advice and negativity. And what’s the result? Students who just trade one set of relationship problems for another. Students who feel the need to keep coming back for more and more advice, because every bit of good advice they get is laced with a “poison pill” of insecurity and bad inner game. You get dependence, instead of independence, insecurity instead of real self confidence. And little teasers of success and validation instead of real positive changes to the way you relate to people and to yourself.

And when someone sets themselves up as an “inner game guru”, without having their act together personally, they wind up doing exactly that – indoctrinating students with their own hangups and negativity, and actually holding their students back instead of helping them.

The cognitive dissonance must be killing them.

Follow this link to read some more RSD Reviews from the attraction forums.

Update: Clarisse Thorne has written an article for the SFWeekly Blog.

Chris ShepherdJezebel and others slam RSD Jeffy

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  1. Chief

    Although I’m a big fan of Jeffy’s work like “The Jeffy Show,” I’ve met him twice before and he’s a douche. If you’re not going to learn pickup from a loving perspective then it’s not worth learning at all. Pickup should be about promoting connection and understanding between the sexes, and from the stories that these women are telling, Jeffy clearly doesn’t give a shit about that “leave her better than you found her” rule.

    1. Post
  2. A

    You’ll notice though that most of these stories (from hostile sources no less) involve him getting chicks into his bedroom, including a sex act. He’s doing something right.

  3. Jjj

    if you read that jezzy article she basically falls for every single one of his tactics then pats herself on the back for finally not giving into one of them.

    I think he just illustrates that women deep down want a 100% certified asshole.

  4. gentlemanslut


    I’m going to be honest here – I like Jeffy. I still feel ‘the Jeffy Show’ is one of the better products out there. I’m also going to say Jezebel are not exactly BBC News when it comes to impartiality. Having said that, I wouldn’t do half the stuff he does.

    as TLP posts on his/her blog, “if you’re reading it, it’s for you”, the people that would be attracted to the more confrontational aspects of his game would’ve found a similar source if Jeffy wasn’t around. The people that like your style Tenmagnet would gravitate to it. Ditto with Jeffys style.

    As for whether its possible to completely separate your own gender issues as a coach, I’d argue that’s impossible to do completely. But that can be a good thing – if I like how Chris Shepherd views the world and women, and it is more productive/happiness-inducing, I’m going to absorb that and run with it.

    The thing Id personally take from that article is “you can be the biggest douchenozzle in the world, but FFS have an individual and interesting profile, and you’ll still get dates”

  5. deadliftman

    Agree with most people here. His tactics did get these women to go back to his place. It seems to me that if he hadn’t flipped out so much thereby displaying his emotional immaturity after being denied sex for that night, most of these women would have wound up sleeping with him later on. Honestly, the only redeemable girl in those stories is the escort. She seems to have a decent sense of self-esteem and did not “go-ahead-with-it-anyway”. All other girls in those stories clearly have self-esteem/self-control issues.

  6. actiontaker0816

    How does RSD manipulate your need for dopamine and stimulation? By using the rule of supply and demand to provide you with different points of view by different people which are stimulating and giving you conflicting information which causes anxiety and a need to “know it all” before you can accomplish your goals. Keeps you in a low state if you are not living up to their arbitrary standards and “way things should be” or “how you should be” so you look at them as authority figures to take you out of your low states. They get identified as being connected to a dopamine rush, they cause the problem (break your reality), and they provide the solution (taking on their reality, being like them, doing as they do, believing what they believe). This is all done subliminally to make them look like the good guys just trying to help, and so you are never consciously aware of what they are doing. This helps them generate a need while at the same time supplying the solution, as you get drawn further and further into them. It allows them to keep you coming back for more and to spend more money with them. It essentially creates a vacuous business.RSD is for people who lack real world experience, and need to have reality dictated to them, because of fear and being unable to cope themselves.

    The final issue with the way emotional state is taught it that it subtly re-affirms a man’s belief that he’s not good enough. If he feels tired or bored, teaching him that he must be in a good emotional state is quietly telling his sub-conscious that he’s insufficient and needs something outside of himself to be attractive to women. Basically any time an action or belief implies that you need something outside of yourself to be attractive to women, it’s a safe bet that that action or belief is going to lower your self-esteem and make you feel worse about yourself, even if you’re not conscious of it.

    I watched the blueprint, didn’t get it at all, but Tyler promised that you should get more and more out of it every time you watched. Well, under a period of time I watched the shit like 3-4 times and ALL I got out of it was self consciousness, even though I had previous success with girls and even from start wasn’t totally fucked up, I was now in a period of my life where I was the MOST ANXIOUS EVER. Not even as a 10 year old I was this anxious and insecure. Literally, I second guessing myself in ALL social interactions, even with close friends.

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  8. actiontaker0816

    Its funny how in one free tour i attended, rsd coach was bashing the other PUA schools saying that we are human “”beings”” not human “”doings”” and talking shit about outer game and routines.

    Ever noticed how in every RSD seminar the instructor tries to get compliance from you, very often from the start? Like in flawless natural, Tim says “I want everyone to stand up and say YES!!”. Or Tyler 20000 times in blueprint makes the guys shout “feel good!”. Or in almost ALL videos I’ve seen with RSD, the instructors are ALWAYS asking the audience questions, engaging them, now that’s all fine I guess, but RSD is doing this to make them compliant and “suck them in.”

    Holy fuck RSD is truly EVIL. Their concepts fuck up EVERYONE.
    I have a VERY similar experience. All I can say is FUCK ALL RSD MATERIAL, throw it away, fucking burn the blueprint. As long as you are not studying RSD and mindfucking yourself with state, reactiveness and all these fucking inner game concepts. INNER GAME FUCKS YOU UP cause you become more AWARE of your feelings and actions and awareness without knowing how to solve it (IE practical advice) will fuck any normal guy up.

    When you learn about RSD concepts, you feel like there’s something wrong with you and you constantly try to change yourself and your mind state.

    Again, throw away ALL RSD material, never go to their site again. I don’t care if you paid hundreds of dollars on blueprint, it’s a mind poison created to make you self conscious and fuck up your game and confidence so you keep coming back to them for more and more and more. I’ve seen this shit about ten times now in other people and in myself as well.

  9. Arcade

    LOL those dates happened YEARS ago and have NOTHING to do with current RSD material. Even then they’re still funny and a collection of just a few really bad dates. I understand a crappy yellow press site like Jezebel twisting facts, but what’s YOUR excuse Chris Shepherd? Probably money. What about dozens upon dozens of great dates Jeffy has had? Yeah, better ignore them, easier to smear competition then.

    Chris says he doesn’t bash competition but that’s a lie or then he is just a complete social retard and a scammer because he too has had bad dates in his life or then has never dated.

    Do your research next time before you spout such garbage.

    1. Post
      Chris Shepherd

      The “Ho-Lene Parton” date was in December, not years ago. And while I have had plenty of bad dates, I’ve never gone crazy and texted rude shit to women because they didn’t sleep with me. That’s what you would call “reactive”.

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