What would you text her?

Missed Connections

Somebody forwarded me this Craigslist missed connection, which I thought deserved a re-post, since it’s probably going to get taken down. So much of this reminds me of the life I lived before I learnt game – the lonely feeling of being attracted to someone, (in love even) yet unable to break the ice. Missed Connection – m4w I saw …

Chris ShepherdMissed Connections

Louis CK on why you need to build Comfort

If you wonder why women don’t make a move on guys, or why they can often be flakey and fickle, this video illustrates an issue that a lot of guys aren’t fully aware of. As a dating coach, I tell guys that they need to make bold moves to get the women they desire, but for women, often their bold …

Chris ShepherdLouis CK on why you need to build Comfort
Calgary Bootcamp Coming up!

The Show Will Go On – The Calgary Stampede Bootcamp is a Go!

A few people have been asking me about whether this weekend’s Calgary Bootcamp will be going forward, given the recent record floods that Calgary has experienced. I’ve been in contact with our hotel venue, and thankfully they’re not in the flooded zone. Also, the Calgary Stampede will be going forward as planned. Despite the fact that a few events have …

Chris ShepherdThe Show Will Go On – The Calgary Stampede Bootcamp is a Go!

TofuTofu from /r/seduction gets slammed by Jezebel

I quite regularly browse through /r/seduction on Reddit, and often submit my blog posts there (thanks for the upvotes everyone). Recently, one of the /r/seduction moderators, a guy using the handle of TofuTofu started a kickstarter project to fund his new book Above the Game. I haven’t really read his stuff, but he didn’t strike me as a huge asshole, so I …

Chris ShepherdTofuTofu from /r/seduction gets slammed by Jezebel

Fame vs game: A date from hell

A reader pointed me to this article, from XO Jane, entitled: It happened to me: I went on a date with a presumed Canadian C-List Celebrity Who Creepily Proved he Isn’t Gay. In it, a ridiculously entitled young woman went on a date with a Canadian Radio Celebrity (an oxymoron), and was so offended that he hit on her, she decided to …

Chris ShepherdFame vs game: A date from hell

Do you have limiting beliefs about your looks?

In March, I talked about “The Power of Makeup” and exposed how powerful makeup can be in changing the way men perceive female beauty, and how limiting beliefs around beauty can hold men back from dating the women they like, and from liking the women they date. But illusions about beauty cut both ways. A lot of guys suffer from limiting …

Chris ShepherdDo you have limiting beliefs about your looks?

It’s Not About the Nail

It’s Not About the Nail from Jason Headley on Vimeo. Any man who has ever been in a serious relationship can relate to this video. Whereas men tend to keep silent about their problems until they are looking for a solution, most women are quite happy to talk (sometimes endlessly) about their problems, well before they have any intention of …

Chris ShepherdIt’s Not About the Nail

Evolution and the Friend Zone

 How I discovered a quirk of evolution that explains the Friend Zone and other weird things that come up in dating.  The first time I experienced the “Friend Zone” was in my first year of university. Her name was Iylana and she had bright green eyes and high cheekbones, and moved with this waify Russian elegance that drove me crazy. …

Chris ShepherdEvolution and the Friend Zone

Maybe she just has Bitchy Resting Face

Apologies for the lack of updates, I am finally back from an 8 week tour that led me to Hong Kong and Germany, and I’ve been working on a big post that will come out Monday. A friend of mine posted this video on her facebook wall, and I though it was both amusing and quite true. A lot of …

Chris ShepherdMaybe she just has Bitchy Resting Face