The Science of Attraction – The Capilano Bridge Study

Science of Attraction

I was in Vancouver last week, and while I was there, I took some time off to make a video on a really remarkable study on the science of attraction. The study was performed by researchers at UBC back in the 70’s, and it analyzed the relationship between fear, attraction and anxiety. The video is a […]

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Reviews of my Munich Bootcamp


I’ve had a couple of Munich PUA/Pick Up Bootcamps now, and the reviews keep coming in.  I really love Munich, pretty much everyone speaks English, and the women there are beautiful and smart. Even when Oktoberfest isn’t on, the city is bustling and beautiful and fun. Here’s a video review of my Munich PUA Bootcamp […]

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Three Guys Who Get A Lot From A LS Bootcamp (And One that Does Not)

Thre Kinds of Guys who Benefit for a Lovesystems Program

I’ve been one of the top  coaches at Love Systems for over seven years now, and I’ve taught hundreds of students (including most of the other Love Systems instructors). But one thing I’ve observed is that some guys get more out of a Love Systems bootcamp than others. So I made a video describing the […]

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The Real Secret to Confidence (That Nobody has Told You Yet)

The Real Secret of Confidence

I remember being nineteen years old in my first week of University when I first heard the advice to “just be confident” when talking to women. Before I started figuring things out for myself, “just be confident” and “just be yourself” were the only two pieces of dating advice that I had ever really gotten, and it […]

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How to Pick Up Women in Germany

I just made a video this weekend from Munich, Bavaria, and I wanted to share it. It goes over some of the major differences between how to pick up women in Germany vs other countries such as the US and Canada, where most of the Love Systems instructors are located. In the video I explain […]

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This Little Trick is Cheesy but it Works

I spent the past weekend at the Love Systems Superconference, which was amazing as always. We had over 100 students come out to Las Vegas to learn the secrets of picking up, of dating, and of simply being better men. Anyway, I took a break from the mayhem of Super Conference to make a little […]

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How Many Times Should You Text?

Has Hook Up Culture Killed the Boyfriend

Here’s a question that comes up a lot. You meet a girl somewhere, have a bit of chemistry, and get her number. You text her once, and she doesn’t reply. So now you face the dilemma – How many times should you text her before you give up? The first thing you need to realize […]

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A Thousand Tiny Failures is a Narcissistic Sex Romp (And I like it)

A Thousand Tiny Failures

  Sebastian used to have manboobs, but he got them removed and now he’s living it up in Montreal. Unfortunately, his wingman is a cokehead closeted homosexual who likes to pick fights with guys in clubs by kissing them and then accusing them of being homophobes. “What the fuck dude!? Why did you hit me?” […]

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New Article at

I wrote an article for this week that you may want to check out on the Secret of Attraction: One of the most common questions I get from guys I am teaching is probably the most basic: What are women really attracted to? Let’s be honest, what men are attracted to is pretty straightforward. Guys […]

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What to text a girl.

What would you text her?

Knowing what to text a girl in different situations can make a huge difference in your dating life. If you know the right things to text a girl, you can usually turn 60% or more of the numbers they get into dates. But if you do things wrong, you’ll probably find that only about 10% […]

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