Braddock's The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game

Text Message Game

Pretty much every day on The Attraction Forums, someone posts looking for advice on how to get together with a girl that is flaking on him. If this sounds like you, listen carefully. Usually the post goes like this: I met this girl at such and such a place, and got her phone number. The next day I texted her …

Chris ShepherdText Message Game

Shut Up Challenge Update

Alright, So the shut up challenge was announced a bit over a week ago, and we’re starting to get some field reports in from guys at the attraction forums. As I expected, there’s a good mix of comedy, tragedy and success. Basically Yes almost made me squirt milk out my nose with his opener. Ok so I tried this one …

Chris ShepherdShut Up Challenge Update
Cosmic Nature Healing

Tenmagnet & Cajun Pickup Video Podcast #2 – Approach Anxiety

So, our last podcast was a huge success, with almost 20,000 (!!) people tuning in to watch. Well, it took us almost a month, but Cajun and I managed to get our butts in gear and make another podcast. This time, the topic is a big one – approach anxiety. Cajun has some awesome stuff to say about visualization in …

Chris ShepherdTenmagnet & Cajun Pickup Video Podcast #2 – Approach Anxiety

The Shut Up Challenge

In my last post, I talked about the “Silence Exercise”… a game I play where I try and be as silent as possible in set. This is actually a really useful exercise for improving your bodylanguage, confidence and conversational skills. Anyway, I thought that I would start a little challenge to the guys on the The Attraction Forums and this …

Chris ShepherdThe Shut Up Challenge

Running out of things to say? Shut up!

Ever run out of things to say when you’re talking to a woman? Let me guess, it happens all the time. From my experience as someone who’s been teaching pickup bootcamps for a long time, this is one of the most common problems that guys have. At Lovesystems, we’ve devoted a lot of time and energy to helping guys with …

Chris ShepherdRunning out of things to say? Shut up!

More on Negging

The New York Times has an article this week that talks about the sociological and biological background of teasing and negging, which I think is really insightful. The author, a professor of Psychology at Berckley, argues that teasing is a natural human behavior, and that, done properly, it helps to build strong social connections between people. But negging gets a …

Chris ShepherdMore on Negging

T-Nation Interviews Savoy

Apparently there’s been a fair bit of interest on us from guys in the body-building community, and T-Nation has just recently done a piece on us. Personally, I don’t know if it’s a good idea for them. When their customers find out they can get girls while looking like this, they might cancel their subscriptions Seriously though, it’s a good …

Chris ShepherdT-Nation Interviews Savoy
Helping a student with some daygame on Sunday after bootcamp.

Cajun and I do a Pickup Video Podcast

Cajun and I sat down last week for a bit, and answered some questions from viewers at The Attraction Forums. Hope you like it! Also, here are some of the videos we reference during the podcast. Mic Jagger and David Bowie – Dancing in the Street (Updated) Do your best jagger And here’s the original Spagett video, and the follow up, …

Chris ShepherdCajun and I do a Pickup Video Podcast

TSB’s Top Pickup Artists of 2008

TSB Magazine has released their “Top Pickup Artists of 2008“. Cajun got the number three spot, Mr. M got number 8, and Soul and I got honorable mentions! All in all, it was a pretty good showing for Lovesystems. I had the privilige of meeting the TSB guys when I was in LA in October, and although I didn’t actually …

Chris ShepherdTSB’s Top Pickup Artists of 2008