Lovesystems in the Economist

Well, this came as quite a surprise, but the Economist just published an article mentioning Lovesystems, entitled “Dating in the Downturn“. All in all, it takes a pretty businesslike approach to the topic, comparing Lovesystems to eHarmony and, but noting:

…online giants are missing a trick that the underground pick-up industry learned long ago. “You can meet the best people in the world and still screw it up because you don’t know how to date,” he says. “People need help, guidance, style counselling…feedback when a date goes wrong.”

Some are moving in this direction, though as yet they offer nothing like Love Systems’ face-to-face tuition.

All in all, it’s nice to see that even the Economist is paying attention to the stuff that Lovesystems is doing, and helping to bring awareness of the dating industry to the masses. Love and affection are the only human needs that capitalism hasn’t really figured out how to provide efficiently (and/or legally) – and Lovesystems is the leading company trying to address those needs. And despite the downturn, people are signing up for our seminars more than ever before.

Mostly, I think this is because people’s priorities change in a downturn. A recession forces a lot of people to think hard about what really makes them happy, what they really want. Big screen TV’s, fancy cars and fancy condos are out. Dinner parties, trips to the park and playing sports with your friends are in. People realize that strong relationships with people you care about come free, and make you happier than all the material goods you can accumulate. Love, dating and relationships suddenly become a priority, and Lovesystems are one of the few companies that can really help men with this.

The other reason is credibility. Pretty much every guy wishes he had better game. As they say, you can never be too rich, to healthy or too attractive, and we really do teach guys how to be more attractive. The main barrier most men have to signing up for out programs is simply believing that our system works – once they realize it works, they want to sign up for a program.

And as time goes by, the evidence that Lovesystems really works as advertised keeps growing. Whether it’s Cajun’s success on Keys to the VIP, or all the Lovesystems reviews that have been piling up over the years, or the fact that we offer a money-back guarantee that very rarely gets taken advantage of, our credibility is growing every day. And that, I think, is why men keep choosing to sign up for our bootcamps every week.

It’s a good business to be in…. and it’s nice to see that the Economist is taking note.

Update: Savoy has also written a post on Lovesystems in the Economist.

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