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A Message from Chris Shepherd Hey guys,

Thanks for coming to my Inner Game Meditation page. Just below I’ve attached a free video on how to use meditation to improve your confidence and your inner game.

But there’s more: if you scroll below the video, you’ll find three meditation MP3’s that I’ve created, as well as more information. I HIGHLY recommend you bookmark this page, because I’m going to continue to add more and more content as time goes on.

I’m going to include links here to the different Inner Game Videos down below, in case you want to watch them again, as well as my Inner Game MP3’s. I can’t guarantee that I’ll add them every week (I get busy!) but I will definitely be updating them regularly.


The Inner Game Video



The Mp3’s

These MP3’s are designed to guide you through a meditation that will help you to cultivate the habits of mind that will help you in your game, and in your relationships with women.

I recommend you listen to these MP3’s in a quiet place, in low light, without any noises or other distractions. I prefer using headphones to hearing it over a speaker.

You should note that this MP3 has long periods of silence; the point being that the silent parts are where you meditate. Don’t worry, the MP3 hasn’t ended, I will tell you when it ends.

Also, could you please review the MP3’s as you use them? I will be posting new meditations up regularly, and I would like to see which ones are the most popular/useful.

#1 – Inner Game Meditation – This MP3 has been voted off the island. #3 has been found to be more useful.

#2 – Sticking Point Meditation

#3 – Presence and Confidence – This replaces the first MP3 I made, taking into consideration some comments from attendees. Designed to get ready for going out.

#4 – Non-Judgement – A new one I did on practicing non-judgement. Non-judgement is a crucial skill for achieving real self confidence.

Also – I would really appreciate it if you would give me with your thoughts. Was it too long? Too short?  What other issues would you like to cover? You can post them in the comments below.

Inner Game Video Archive

Inner Game Video #1 – Introduction

Inner Game Video #2 – Meditation



  1. Legit. And about time. Keep them coming.


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  3. […] Originally Posted by bern002 Have you ever met a monk with good game? Do you think Dan Balzerian meditates? George Clooney? James Bond? Anthony Keidis? Meditation's purpose is to create a deep sense of inner well-being, contentment, non-attachment, and the cancellation of desires. Meditation is inherently anti-game. Its' a bit archaic drawing a fixed line between "meditating" and "being a monk". I'll say that "having a deep sense of inner well-being and non-attachment" are damn good qualities to have when working on your game. And instead of meditating to create contentment and cancel your desires, meditate to HARNESS your desires. Game is game, meditation is meditation. One isn't a prerequisite for the other, but they don't cancel each other out either. Inner Game Meditation […]

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