How to Pick Up Women in Germany

I just made a video this weekend from Munich, Bavaria, and I wanted to share it. It goes over some of the major differences between how to pick up women in Germany vs other countries such as the US and Canada, where most of the Love Systems instructors are located.

In the video I explain a few quick things about how to pick up women in Germany:

  • What kind of openers work better in Germany compared to the rest of the world.
  • How demonstrating value needs to be done differently in Germany vs. the USA.
  • How to understand the difference in personal space between Germany and other countries.
  • How some German cultural quirks can make things easier for you, or HARDER, if you don’t understand them.

I always have a great time (and got great reviews for my Munich Bootcamp) when I come to Germany, the women here are beautiful and friendly and smart. But there ARE significant differences between German culture and other countries, and you really need to know the difference before you just go out applying  advice from America and the UK to local girls.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to be in Berlin this weekend, and I’m going to be giving a talk on inner game to some local guys *tomorrow*, Thursday Oct 31st at 6pm. It’s a last minute thing, and it’s only 10 euro (to cover the meeting room), so click here to find out more and meet me in Berlin! It’s going to be a great talk, 2-3 hours long and full of excellent, content that you can use right away.

I’m going to talk about:

  • Some secrets to cultivating real self confidence.
  • How to recognize and get over “sticking points” – the little psychological issues that prevent you from taking action when the time is right.
  • How to deal with approach anxiety.
  • How to stop running out of things to say.
  • And more (I’ll be answering questions too).

If you’re interested, follow this link to find out more about my talk in Berlin on Oct 31st.

Finally – if there are any German guys out there reading this – what do YOU think are the major differences between picking up women in Germany and picking up elsewhere. Is it easier? Harder? What are some techniques that YOU have used that worked for you?

I’d love to hear from you.





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About Chris Shepherd

Chris Shepherd is a dating coach operating out of Montreal. He is a founder of Love Systems, the world's largest dating coaching company for men. He likes Led Zeppelin, greek philosophy and Hemingway, and hates bad dates, mediocrity and douchebags. He recommends the book Magic Bullets for men who want to improve their success with women.


  1. Awesome Chris! Thansk for this.
    As an European guy, this video makes a lot of sense. The subtle differences between UK, North Europe and South Europe can really rule success over failure. I am going to try out this ‘toned-down’ version of direct approach in Asia, where going situational wouldn’t stir much interest and going direct would come across too strong.

    • Tell me how it works for you.

      The main differences I see between countries mostly revolve around whether direct vs. indirect works better, the level of physical escalation, and how open people are to showing interest/sexuality in public. How would you rate asia on those metrics?

      • Thanks Chris for your remarks. I’d say In Asia..
        – Indirect works better than direct, especially if it’s based on humor and it’s playful.
        – Level of escalation is surprisingly pretty high. As long as you have some degree of attraction, then you can get away with a good deal of physical escalation.
        – Showing interest/sexuality in public ranks the lowest. There’s a strong “I’m being watched” awareness in Asia, so it’s important to isolate from the group, or to a private location to let things happen.

  2. Ok Chris, first of all I have to say I’m german of polish descent. I lived my whole life here. (Hamburg, second largest city) I also did the 30/30 Program and I got 2-3 girls left until I reach 50 lays. Next year I’m gonna move to stockholm or barcelona because of this shit. I gotta tell you man, EVERYWHERE ELSE I HAVE BEEN (asia, other cities in europe, scandinavia) game has been easier for me. Same goes for all the players I met in my life. I know 2-3 german guys who banged 100+ (they in their thirties, I’m 26) but they all banged 6s and 7s on average with few hotties in between. I’ve seen insane things like guys failing that are looking like italien models, well build, ride motorcycles and are actually heart surgons, and they all fail MISERABLY here in germany. It makes me feel sad for my male brethren. The german girls reject them like crazyyyy. “This country makes it hard for everyone to stay positive” (quote by a PUA systems head instructor who came here and failed)

    I recommend every german player, leave germany! Sooner the better! Girls everywhere love us, america, scandinavia… leave the german chicks to themselves and the guys who like them.

    I recommend every foreign player, come to germany and try your luck, but if you are asian, slavic, black or indian…forget it. Girls are racist as fuck. It shames me to say it but its true. Most of them have a fantasy of fucking a british or australian guy though, so if you from around there. Go ahead, if you look the part and got game you will have tons of fun.

    And by all means stick to munich, cologne and berlin. Don’t go anywhere else AND NEVER GO TO HAMBURG. I’m trying to save your asses here. This place will make you break down in tears. I have banged german models here and I’m telling you it was not worth it. I killed myself working at my game and I still have a pretty high rejection/flake rate (nothing compared to the responses I got abroad) If you got any questions hit me up at

    I wish you all good luck and god bless you all!

  3. Hey Chris, this was a nice short video. One tends to be forgetful and the facts you stated were a good refreshment.
    On another note: When we met on your last Berlin trip you mentioned two authors/book titles: Titus and Marc Anthony. Could you jog my memory?

  4. Tinger Woods says:

    This is truly exquisite Chris! You really know a lot of ideas on how to pick up women on different countries and race. It’s true that you need to be careful on how you will approach them or what you will say. This short video taught me like spending an hour listening to a teacher in a classroom. Thank you!


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