How to Pick Up Women Online

So, you want to know how to pick up women online?

Nowadays, online dating sites like Plentyoffish, OkCupid and have replaced the bar or the coffee shop as the place where people go to meet new people for sex, romance and relationships. While there used to be a stigma against online dating, in recent years that stigma has pretty much gone away. So now you can pick up women online, and meet amazing women. You know, the sorts of women that you would think don’t need to “resort” to online dating, but there they are, waiting for you to message them.

And it’s actually really easy to pick up women online. You might think there’s a lot of competition out there, but there actually isn’t. Want to know why?

Because most men have NO IDEA how to pick up women online, and they do a terrible job of it.

Just ask any of your female friends that date online. Chances are, they will complain to you about the lousy messages they receive. They will complain that the guys they meet are boring, say dumb or weird things, or just visit their profile time and time again, without ever messaging them.

All you have to do is stand out!

Now my buddy Cajun is probably one of the world experts in picking up women online. When we first met, back in 2006, he was already working on his book that he just released. And this guy has a system. It’s really incredible. In fact, it actually saved my life (sorta).

Here’s a video with Cajun giving some quick advice on how to pick up women online.


Pretty sweet huh? This is the kind of stuff you can use right away to improve your game, and Cajun’s book is FULL of great advice like that. And I can personally vouch that Cajun 100% knows what he is talking about, and that Cajun’s system has worked for me personally, and has worked for a ton of other guys. It really is the best guide to picking up women online on the internet today.

Anyway, Cajun’s book on how to pick up women online is called the Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating, and it’s highly┬árecommended. Click here to find out more about it!


Still not sure? Check out Nick Hoss’s Review of the Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating.

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