How to Build Attraction With Women

How to Build Attraction

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Did you know that how you say things is more important than what you say? It’s counter intuitive, but it’s absolutely true. Only 7% of people’s impression of you is based on what comes out of your mouth, the other 93% is your bodylanguage and tonality. What that means is that “Hey, I’m a huge jerk, you should stay away from me”, delivered with the correct bodylanguage and tonality is going to work better than “Want to check out my Ferrari” delivered with lousy bodylanguage and tonality.

One of the worst things guys do is they lean in when they talk to a woman. There area several reasons why you shouldn’t do this. Not only does this make it seem like you’re hitting on her, but it creates discomfort when you enter her personal space. Also, if you’re in a loud club, and you’re leaning in AND talking loud, you may very well be yelling her ear off. If you lean back, she will lean into you! LEAN BACK.

Did you hear e? Lean back, lean back, lean back. You’re not leaning back enough. Lean back more.

Also, tonality. Do you talk like you’re calm and enjoying yourself, or do you sound tense? A lot of guys talk too fast. Or they sound too serious when they’re speaking. Opinion openers are not meant to be delivered as if it’s crucially important that you have this information. Opinion openers are not polls, they’re more like pretexts to tell an interesting story, they’re fun.

So, just to summarize, here are the main mistakes that guys do, which seriously affect their game.

– Leaning in.

– Talking with your hands.

– Talking fast, sounding nervous.

– Not smiling.

All of these mistakes will regularly blow you out. You need to fix them all if you want to be good, if you want to look “smooth”. If your bodylanguage is bad, no matter what you say, you’re going to have a very hard time.

Watch the way that Brad Pitt moves in this video – if you can capture that ease, that confidence, and convey it when you’re talking to a woman, it really doesn’t matter what you say.

Update: Lovesystems has just released an amazing new bodylanguage product that is a definite must-have for people interested in bodylanguage, it’s called Beyond Words, and it’s amazing. Check out the Beyond Words info page for more information.


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