How to Pick Up Women in Bars, Clubs and Elsewhere

How to Pick up Women

I teach men how to pick up women, from Paris to Tokyo.

Hey, I’m Chris Shepherd, a Dating Coach who works with Love Systems. I’ve created this page to provide some advice and methods on how to pick up women for guys who are just starting to learn how to improve their dating lives. I encourage you to read this all the way through, and to sign up for the free resources that I linked to below. 

So you want to learn how to pick up women, and you’re looking for free advice and methods. Perhaps you’ve been surfing around to various websites, and seen a lot of people marketing products on “how to pick up chicks” that seem to good to be true, or offer to provide some sort of magic pill that will make women come to you. But you’re smarter than that. Good for you.

I’ve been teaching guys how to pick up women with Love Systems since 2006. I’ve taught pickup bootcamps from Paris to Tokyo, and nearly every English-speaking city in-between. This little page is just a quick resource to give you the basics.

Picking up women doesn’t have to be terribly hard, but it requires practice and effort. You will need to get off your seat and stop making excuses. You need to be willing to risk failure, and you need to be prepared to look at yourself with a critical eye, and make changes. If you can do these things, you can go a long way.

Here are the five main things you need to know. I’ve included some videos and other resources for you guys to get started.


  1. How to approach a woman
  2. How to make a woman feel comfortable by NOT hitting on her right away
  3. How to build attraction with good bodylanguage and vocal tonality.
  4. How to understand female psychology (part two)
  5. How to cultivate confidence.

Free Resources on How to Pick Up Women

Once you’ve read that, here are some outside resources where you can find more information on how to pick up women.

  • The Attraction Forums – This is probably the #1 dating advice messageboard online, and full of great free advice on how to pick up women. I post there.
  • Sign up for the Love Systems Insider. This is a FREE email self-study course that will give you the basics. It’s written by the top dating coaches in the world. Seriously, this is, by far, the best source of free dating advice on the internet do it! 
  • Improv Comedy Classes – A lot of guys are sceptical, and ask “how could improv comedy help me with women?”. The answer is complicated but improv comedy classes really improve your confidence and your ability to be interesting in conversation. I HIGHLY recommend these. The Second City is the biggest and probably the best improv training organization in the world, but you can find improv classes anywhere where unemployed comedians or actors can be found. Check at your local comedy club, or with your local university drama department.
  • Check out the Lovesystems youtube channel’s Pickup Videos
  • Buy Magic Bullets – Written by Savoy (my boss), this is probably the best basic guidebook for a man who is trying to improve his relationships with women. It’s to the point, free of BS, and works. It costs money but it’s worth it. Here are 16 pages of reviews for Magic Bullets in case you don’t want to take my word for it.
  • Lovesystems Bootcamp – A Love Systems bootcamp is a big investment, but it’s absolutely worth it. It’s a three day course where you learn everything you need to know about how to pick up women, and then I, or one of the other dating coaches on my team takes you out and shows you, live, how to start up conversations, flirt and put the moves on the kind of women you want to date. I teach many of these my self and Love Systems is the number one company in the business because we have the best instructors, and work hard for our students. My reviews are here, I was also recommended by Playboy.

This is all about how to pick up women in real life. If you want to learn to meet women online, you need to check out Cajun’s “Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating“. It’s really the best resource out there for online game – from a guy who really knows what he’s talking about!


  1. The owner says:

    Very good reading Tenmagnet. You have a great knack for explaining social thinking in a way that even a redneck like me gets. Get part 5 out already will ya?

  2. Thanks man! I’ll work on part 5 soon, I swear :)

  3. what I’m looking for is just free advice on how to pick up woman .


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