Five Ways to Fail with Women

The Smoking Jacket Came to See UsSometimes looking at things from the opposite perspective can provide a bit of insight, so I’ve made a list of the five top things you can do to screw up your love life, fail with women and live alone!

1 – Never make the first move!

If there’s something women hate, it’s men who go after what they want! After all, if women found you attractive, they would find a way to chase you down and get you into bed. By never making a move, you never have to risk failure or rejection or actually live your life. You can also get a lot of sympathy by complaining about how bad things are for you, and feel like a nice guy by sacrificing your desires.

On a related note, you should also wait for employers to call you offering dream jobs!

2 – Take Everything Women Say at Face Value.

You should always take what women say at precisely their face value. After all, women are never mistaken, are always honest, and always have complete self-awareness into their own motivations and feelings. Women always communicate in a way that is completely direct, forthcoming, and easy to understand for the average guy. Under no circumstances should you trust your own judgement over that of other people around you, especially when you’re dealing with women.

3 – Never Fail

If you want to be bad with women, it is very important that you never, ever fail. After all, if you actually failed, you would have to feel bad about yourself. By never failing, you can preserve your self esteem (at least I’m better than those guys!), while also staying safely in your little bubble. Some people say that failure is necessary for success, and that every failure is a learning experience, but those people really just want to laugh at you and have never actually failed themselves.

4 – Don’t change at all.

Integrity is important: that’s why you should never change, ever. Are you out of shape? Well that’s because “out of shape” is practically part of your genes! If you got into shape, you would probably become another person completely and be totally inauthentic.

You see, all your limitations and weaknesses are an important part of your identity, and people who don’t have those same weaknesses were born without them. After all, nobody actually learns or changes themselves, that’s impossible! Learning stops at 16, or 18 or sometime, and by the time you’re your age, there’s nothing you can do about it. The idea that people can learn things as adults is just a ruse perpetuated by the self-help industry to sell books, seminars and false hope to suckers.

5 – Expect women to change.

Women are shallow! What a bunch of bitches! If only they would just behave the way you want them to, we could all get along and life would be great. Until women change, you should go on strike, and take yourself off of the dating market. That will show them!

After all, how will women know they’re bad unless you categorically refuse to talk to them or date them! How will they ever come around to your way of thinking? You are really doing the world, and the cause of justice itself a service by sacrificing yourself like this. Congratulations!


If this thinking sounds like you, check out my Inner Game Archives or visit my (under construction) Inner Game Meditation page for some practical advice on how to change. 
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