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Five Dating Mistakes Most Men Don’t Know They’re Making


So here’s my appearance on Global Montreal this morning. I talked about the five dating mistakes that most men don’t know they’re making.


The mistakes I mentioned (and some ideas to improve if you have these problems) are:

#1 Bodylanguage – Read this article on Attractive Posture if you want some quick body language tips.

#2 Being Too Logical – Check out this Story Telling Webinar for some tips on being less logical.

#3 ┬áText Etiquette – Here’s some quick advice on What to Text Her.

#4 Not being Confident enough – Read about the Secret of Confidence

#5 Not taking the lead on the date. (I actually haven’t written about this. It’s on the to-do list)


So what do you think? Are these the most COMMON mistakes that men make? Or did I miss a few?


Chris ShepherdFive Dating Mistakes Most Men Don’t Know They’re Making

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