Chris Shepherd: Dating Coach, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver

 Chris Shepherd: Dating Coach

Chris Shepherd is a Dating Coach based in Canada

Chris Shepherd is a Dating Coach based in Canada

Hey, my name is Chris Shepherd, and I’m a dating coach. But I’m not a regular dating coach.

I don’t sit in an office and give you advice. I’m not a therapist or a PHD or some sort of new age guru. I’m a guy who will whip you into shape, and teach you how to meet the women you want to meet. And I come with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t believe me, check out what people have to say about me. I’ve been reviewed by, if you’d rather see what my students had to say about me, you can check my student reviews. But the bottom line is this – I’ve been doing this for 6 years, I helped found the worlds most successful dating coaching company, Love Systems, and I have the best track record of anyone in the business.

My class isn’t for everyone. You need to have your act together. This is not a class for guys who live in their parents basements, this is a class for guys who know that they can do better with women, but need some help with figuring out how.

I’m based out of Montreal, but I teach classes all over the place. Sydney, Munich, London, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Prague… you name it. And if I’m not in your area, I have a team of dating coaches I work with who are every bit as good as me.

My dating coaching philosophy is this: being good at social interactions is a skill, like any other. To cultivate a skill, you need to have the proper knowledge applied with effort over time. If you want to play guitar, you need to first learn the basics, how to tune it, what a chord is, how to hold it. Then, with that knowledge, you practice, and over time you develop a skill. My dating coaching is about giving you that basic knowledge to get started, and then showing you how to apply it properly.

So if you think you need a dating coach, you came to the right place. Check out my company’s website at, or check out my page on Inner Game – the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that help you succeed with women. 

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