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Inner Game in Dating is all about learning to overcome the inner obstacles to creating attraction from women. Fear, anxiety and self-doubt are the enemies, confidence and relaxed competence are the goals. In the end, improving your inner game is the best thing you can do for your love life. Here is an archive of Inner Game related advice, for your reference.

How to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions

Let me ask you something: Did you stick to your New Years Resolutions last year? Do you even remember what they were? Don’t be ashamed, if you’re like most people, chances are you failed to stick to at least SOME of your New Years resolutions. Lets be honest, most people make the same resolutions over and […]

The Real Secret to Confidence (That Nobody has Told You Yet)

I remember being nineteen years old in my first week of University when I first heard the advice to “just be confident” when talking to women. Before I started figuring things out for myself, “just be confident” and “just be yourself” were the only two pieces of dating advice that I had ever really gotten, and it […]

Louis CK on why you need to build Comfort

(Sorry guys, the video’s down. I’m looking for an other.) If you wonder why women don’t make a move on guys, or why they can often be flakey and fickle, this video illustrates an issue that a lot of guys aren’t fully aware of. As a dating coach, I tell guys that they need to […]

Do you have limiting beliefs about your looks?

In March, I talked about “The Power of Makeup” and exposed how powerful makeup can be in changing the way men perceive female beauty, and how limiting beliefs around beauty can hold men back from dating the women they like, and from liking the women they date. But illusions about beauty cut both ways. A lot […]

Five ways to improve your Dating Confidence (Video)

The good people at WGN Morning News interviewed me today on the secrets of confidence in dating. The video is below. It’s  hard to summarize the kind of stuff we teach at Love Systems into the kinds of short sound-bites that are suitable for a Friday morning news show. Anyway, I tried to summarize some of what I […]

How to Really Get Over Sticking Points for Good

A lot of the time, the problems that men have with women and with game are psychological in nature. I’m not talking about serious psychological problems, but rather psychological blocks, or “sticking points” that even emotionally healthy people have and which prevent them from really using the knowledge and skills that they already have. People who have […]

Do Men Really Need to Get In Touch with their Emotions?

I had an interesting discussion on the blog that I thought I would bring over here. The question is, do men really need to get in touch with their emotions? I’ve edited and copied the discussion, and my comments are at the bottom. BigLifer  There is a Bro Code.  It is a good thing.  Stop apologizing […]

Accepting Yourself

  A couple years ago now, I got a tattoo on my chest. I don’t really know why I got it.  I felt like getting a tattoo, and the meaning struck me. It was a quote by the Buddha on conquering oneself, and to me it represented a philosophy that was both deep, had personal […]

10 Steps to Real Self Confidence.

Earlier this week I made a post about the real secret to self confidence. But the kind of confidence that I was describing in that post is really the endpoint of a long process. So to help you along that journey, here are ten steps you can start taking today, no matter how poor your […]

Why Don’t Women Like “Nice Guys”?

I think it’s really important to distinguish between niceness and kindness. Kindness is a real, positive, desirable trait in a romantic partner. Niceness is just the ability to be inoffensive. Most women who don’t like “nice guys” are perfectly affable toward kind men as a dateable group.