Five Ways to Fail with Women

How to Fail with Women

Sometimes looking at things from the opposite perspective can provide a bit of insight, so I’ve made a list of the five top things you can do to screw up your love life, fail with women and live alone! 1 – Never make the first move! If there’s something women hate, it’s men who go […]

How Online Game Saved My Life (well, kinda)

The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating

Question: How do you live for four days on three dollars when you’re living in a completely empty apartment, and know absolutely nobody?   The answer: Online Game.   As you may know, Cajun’s online game book is coming out this week, and I can’t recommend it enough. Not just because I contributed a chapter, […]

The Single Girls Guide to Meeting European Men

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Oh look, someone else thinks they’re qualified to teach dating.

Shut Up Challenge Update


Alright, So the shut up challenge was announced a bit over a week ago, and we’re starting to get some field reports in from guys at the attraction forums. As I expected, there’s a good mix of comedy, tragedy and success. Basically Yes almost made me squirt milk out my nose with his opener. Ok […]

How to piss off a Bartender in Dublin

As a Canadian, one of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling is to act like a complete jerk, and then tell people that I’m American. I know it’s a pretty terrible thing to do, but I’m a bit of a nihilist, and kind of like contributing to Anti-American sentiments worldwide – if only […]