Vancouver PUA Guide

Vancouver PUA Guide: How and Where to Meet Beautiful Women in Vancouver

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On the west coast of Canada, the Vancouver PUA scene flourishes year-round, and Granville Street is the obvious spot if you’re looking to pick up. Clubs like Venue, Caprice and The Cellarboom with bass and are packed with younger girls. Dress to impress and arrive early.

If you are into bars with a little older, more professional crowd, Gas Town is the place to check out. Some good spots to pick up are Lamplighter, Blarney Stone and Metropole. You don’t need to dress fancy to get into these places, but a little polish will make you nicely stand out in the crowd. Check out The Cambie on Monday nights for backpackers and cheap beer; it can be quite packed.

Any Vancouver PUA will tell you that the early line-ups are baffling. Whenever I teach a boot camp in Van, I tell guys to arrive at the bar before before 10:30 and since lines last until closing. You can expect to dish out $20 on weekends, but you can also find promoters giving away free tickets on weeknights. Essentially, Granville is the central party spot. However, there are PUA friendly venues that are off the main strip:

Vancouver Pick Up Artist Venues


This little bar/restaraunt in Yaletown attracts some top-notch clientele. It’s small, and a bit cliquey, but this is the place to go if you want to meet women who are a bit older (25+) sophisticated, and well dressed.

They’re also incredibly gorgeous too.


YBP houses a loud atmosphere that’s great to mingle in with a pint of beer in hand. This slender pub is a lot less pretentious than other venues in Vancouver’s yuppie quarter. All draft is brewed behind the glass wall, and a live DJ remixes all of the best 80s hits. It can get very packed.

Location: This venue is very easy to find, situated in the dead-centre of Yaletown. The pub, complementing its restaurant cousin, makes up only half of Yaletown Brewing. You can find it on the upper side of the cobblestone walkway on Mainland Street, just a block over from Bar None, which is a fairly upscale place by Vancouver standards. It’s very close to the Yaletown-Roundhouse stop on the Canada Line.

Age Range: Anybody over 30 and under 55 will be in good company here. Younger guys can have some fun here too though ;)

Getting In: This pub is consistently busy from Wednesday through Saturday. Refreshingly, there is only a line when the pub reaches capacity, but they really jam ‘em in here. No cover, except for rare events.

Crowd Comments: Watch your back, there are some very hungry cougars prowling around this joint. The guys are pretty soft and are easily intimidated by good game. You can bounce from set to set with ease throughout a crowd looking to socialize.

Notes: The restaurant serves good food at competitive prices and their liquor store has staff with decent knowledge of wines.


As a rite of passage, any legit Vancouver PUA has been to this gay bar on a Tuesday, which is unofficially straight night. The first hour of the night is great for warming up and short setting. Celebrities is horse-shoe shaped concourse around a dance floor, so you always have some place to lock in. The second story is deserted with virtually no places to sit, which is this venue’s downfall.

Location: On Davie Street, just off of Burrard. This is the gay village and it’s close to Granville and the SkyTrain.

Age Range: If you’re over 21, you may be the oldest person in the club. It’s very rare to see guys over 25 in here.

Getting In: The line up outside could often fill the club, so get there by 9:30 p.m. If you’re daring, flirt with the drag queens that are paid to entertain the line; they are almost guaranteed to give you free cover if you compliment them. Otherwise, it’s $10 or $5 with a student ID.

Crowd Comments: The girls are young and looking to have fun, and they may be bouncing off the walls. The guys keep up their end of the bargain too, usually being pretty drunk ($3 drinks). There are a few trannys lurking around, so be careful… It’s a very dark club.

Notes: In all seriousness, this is a great spot to pick up even if it is a gay bar. Just make sure to go on straight night Tuesdays.


An under-rated venue at best, LS orchestrates a lounge feel inside a sports bar.

Location: Check it out at the library (no pun intended) at the entrance on Georgia. It’s a short hop to Granville, Gas Town or Yaletown.

Age Range: Given the nature of this bar, guys of any age can do some damage here.

Getting In: Getting inside is easy as there are only lines for special events. Cover is $10, which is pretty typical for places off of Granville. A basic dress code is enforced, so wear some nice shoes and clean jeans.

Crowd Comments: You’ll see a lot of dressed up, quality girls at LS, but you’ll also deal with some AMOG douchebags. This venue caters to those who want to party downtown but don’t want to do it in a club, so the girls are more friendly and open to conversation.

Vancouver PUA Day2s

This city can be home run or strike out for outdoor dates depending on the weather. Here are a couple of my favourite Vancouver day2s, rain or shine:


Day2 here and you can’t fail… Well, maybe not, but for around $30 you can share a bottle of wine, use real painting supplies and canvas, in the echo of live acoustic music. It’s also a quick bounce to the marina or to Granville Street.


The classic day2 of pool, fooz ball and bowling are here. This is a good place to drop in (it’s in the basement) and has some character to it as well. You’re practically at Granville-Robson as well.


Pick up beer, pick up food, pick up fish, pick up Vancouver girls… Okay, okay, there is more to this market than you think, indoors and in the alleyways. There are tons of items that you can’t find elsewhere, and a bunch of unique locations to bounce around, plus live entertainment in summer. I recommend taking the Aqua Bus across False Creek and ordering a Granville Island Lager direct from the brewery. Also, there is an arcade hidden in one of the malls, with whack-a-mole. Whack-a-mole is an awesome date game.

Other Vancouver PUA Resources


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Updated often with a tremendous focus on local venues and restaurants. If you’re heading to Yaletown, check this one out.


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The Vancouver lair is well organized with active Vancouver PUAs posting often.

For info on other Canadian cities, go to the Canada PUA Guide page.
If you’re looking for a Vancouver PUA Bootcamp, check out Love Systems - the most well respected dating coaching company in the world. We also have a free email self study course.

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