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Toronto PUA Guide: Where to meet beautiful women in Toronto

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First of all, if you’re looking for wingmen, you should check out the “Toronto Lair”, at  The Attraction Forums’ Ontario Forum.


Toronto Venues


The Brunny is probably the most famous bar in Toronto, and is really popular with the University of Toronto crowd. It’s run-down, grimy and ancient, but still manages to create a good vibe. This is an excellent place for younger guys to try their skills out.

Location: The Brunny is located in the middle of Toronto’s Annex neighborhood, at the intersection of Bloor and Brunswick. Lots of great cheap food and bars surround it.

Age Range: The Brunny is almost entirely University of Toronto students. Prepare to feel out of place if you are over 25.

Crowd Comments: Lots of frat boys and wannabees from the suburbs. Dress casual, and be prepared to deal with drunks. The Brunswick is one of the rougher bars in downtown Toronto, which is still pretty tame by international standards.

Getting in: There is usually a cheap cover on Friday/Saturday, and a lineup starting at 10:30.

Notes: Mystery used to live above the Thai Basil restaurant nearby, and hated the Brunswick House with a passion.  The Green Room (an awesome day 2/bouncing place) is located on the other side of Brunswick street, through the parking lot. It’s a fun dive with a cool patio, but DON’T eat the food, believe me, I used to work there.


If you’re a little bit older, and looking for a classier crowd, you can’t do much better than the King West strip in Toronto. King West between Spadina and Bathurst has several good venues. Cheval, Century Room, Spice Route and Brant House all attract a similar crowd, and are located just a few blocks from one another.

Location: King Street between Spadina and Bathurst.

Age Range: 25-40

Crowd Comments: These places attract a lot of good looking, smart working women. The style is pretty fancy for Toronto – designer jeans, tailored collar shirts and nice shoes are the norm for men. Expect to feel out of place if you’re dressed in shabby-chic Queen Street style.

Getting in: These places fill up a bit later than the average in Toronto. Expect it to be slow if you arrive at 10, and before 11 you shouldn’t have a problem with lines. Cover is usually a modest $10.

Toronto Date Ideas

Toronto guys have the biggest and liveliest downtown in all of Canada at their disposal. Here are some surefire spots:


This elevated next has best view of Toronto, hands down. Located on the 51st floor of the Manulife Building on Bloor Street. It’s a classy place to go for drinks on a skyward patio.


The Kensington market has vintage clothing, retro furniture, ethnic food, and a statue of Al Waxman. There are tons of places to bounce around here, and always an eclectic crowd ambling about.


Toronto Island is an AMAZING place to take someone on a date. It’s downtown, easy to get to, and most people in Toronto complain that they don’t get there as often as they want to.

Here’s a tip: The Toronto Island Marina has a private ferry for $3 each way that leaves from Queens Quay and York Street. It’s way cozier and nicer than the city-run ferry, and drops you off right on the doorstep of a gorgeous little patio/bar.

Other Toronto PUA Resources


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Your best bet for meeting wingmen and other guys in Toronto is The Attraction Forums’ Ontario Forum.


For info on other Canadian cities, go to the Canada PUA Guide page.

If you want to learn how to meet beautiful women in Toronto, I teach Bootcamps with Lovesystems, and come through the city every few months. Go to to see the schedule and sign up. Or check out my Toronto PUA Bootcamp Reviews

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