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An Edmonton PUA should pick up more than frostbite in Canada’s most Northern major city. In fact, Edmonton PUAs have a built-in advantage since nearly all of Edmonton’s bars are on Whyte Ave, the city’s party street.

The best part about Whyte is that the University of Alberta and Grant McEwen College are both within walking distance. Many students live nearby and this advantage makes for a wild party scene every time I teach a boot camp there.

Edmonton Pick Up Artist Venues


Lucky is a moderate club with top-40 music that has tons of places to open sets and lock-in. It also has the friendliest staff in the city, no question. The ample seating makes for a lot of seated sets early in the night, but this can be used to your advantage when people start hitting the dance floor and you have a spot to isolate.

Location: It’s on Whyte Ave., just down from Chapters. There are a few quick food outlets nearby as well.

Age Range: Lucky 13 is definitely for younger dudes looking for university-aged girls. However, an older man may be the shiny alternative to the teenage guys in here.

Crowd Comments: You’ll see lots of polo shirts and hair gel on guys at Lucky, but no coveralls or cowboy boots. The younger girls who like to dance go here, especially with the university nearby, so expect a range of styles. This place is pretty tame compared to most Edmonton clubs, but the friendly crowd is lively.

Getting In: Arrive by 11 and you’ll be fine. If not, there will be a short line with a long wait. Pull out your best jeans and a some clean shoes and you’ll easily meet the dress requirements.

Notes: It might be best to get a stamp early, warm up at a pub down street and return when the club starts filling up later in the night.


This bar totally teases as you walk by since girls are always dancing in the clear, store-front style windows. Funky Buddha looks like a pub, but has the feel of a small club. This venue is in a heritage building, and everything inside is made from wood.

Location: Under the bright lights of Whyte Ave., next to the Princess Theatre.

Age Range: This venue is attuned to younger guys, but if you’re over 30 you won’t be alone, especially upstairs where 80s music draws some older women.

Getting in: Like many pick up joints in Edmonton, you’ll want to get in early. Guys that come late will wait outside before being relegated to the quieter upstairs bar… and it’s unlikely you’ll get admitted downstairs by that point.

Crowd Comments: This may be the one bar in Edmonton that has more girls than guys since they stuff the first floor with girls. It’s a younger bunch who are more into partying than talking, so be high energy.


The Union is a ruff ‘n’ ready rock joint. It’s a mega-sized bar and a little off Whyte Ave, but there are always a few stunners in the crowd. You can pick up in this club all night since it is probably Edmonton’s largest, but beware that it can get noisy.

Location: At 99 Street Northwest, it is not on Whyte Ave, which is its only downfall.

Age Range: No PUA will feel out of place here. All types, all kinds, all ages. Even the DJs’ music caters to all ages… if you like rock and metal.

Getting In: The line can stretch around the corner later in the night, so arriving around 10:30 may be a good idea. There are promotions some nights that can draw a crowd earlier. Cover is $10 bucks, but getting a guest list here is easy if you book ahead of time online.

Crowd Comments: You get classy girls, along with some that are a little rougher around edges. However, not all are under-25. The guys get rowdy in this super loud bar.

Notes: This venues square, double-floored layout makes it a great to practice because you can get blatantly blown out and not be seen. Move to the smoke pit to slow things down if necessary.

Edmonton PUA Day2s


Attention all Edmonton PUAs.. Never underestimate the power of the mall. No secret here – three floors, restaurants (Hooters), pirate ships, roller coasters, water slides, a skating rink, mini-golf, candy stores, submarines and sea lions shows. What is not to love?


Don’t laugh. The grounds and fountain are gorgeous for outdoor dates. It’s also supposed to be the best spot in the city if you want to do¬†purple city, which is always an interesting date in itself.

Other Edmonton PUA Resources


The headline tabs are music, screen, art, sex, blogs, which kind of puts this site into perspective. Everything you need to know about life in Edmonton is here.


This more formal site is strictly about upcoming events. You can find some good afternoon day2s here or gatherings where the girls will be.


This site is just a guy with a blog who writes about everything Edmonton. However, there are some good reviews of local events and locales.


The Edmonton Lair is a small but tight-knit group of guys who meet regularly and are a fun bunch.

For info on other Canadian cities, go to the Canada PUA Guide page.

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