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Calgary PUA Guide: Where to meet Women In Calgary

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Calgary is a place where men are men, and women are women. Thankfully, the men aren’t actually much competition, while the women are as lovely as anywhere else in Canada. Pretty much every bar you go to in Calgary will have more guys than girls, but despite that, there actually aren’t too many guys approaching with any game. It seems as though Calgary guys don’t really approach until they’ve had a dozen beers, at which point their game is down the drain. For these reasons, and others, I love teaching boot camps in Calgary, which also boasts one of the most active in PUA communities in Canada. Finding the right bar to pick up in can be difficult since Calgary is more spread out than other Canadian cities.

Ladies nights are often a good places to pick up in Calgary, but they also have male strippers performing until 11:00 p.m., so you’ll being chilling with dudes in a curtained off area until then. Calgary also has some lesser known PUA spots, most of which are off off the always popular 17th Ave:

Calgary Pick Up Artist Venues


A restaurant by day and a lounge by night, Seven is classy but not pompous. They often have groovy DJs playing house music to get the girls dancing, and they also provide a few tables and plenty of room along the bar to run game. The women are always dolled up and the staff are genuinely polite. If you like classy girls, go here.

Location: Seven is downtown at the corner of 8th Ave SW and 5th St SW on the ground floor. Look for the huge windows and patio seating behind a frosted glass fence.

Age Range: You don’t have to be an older guy to go here, but the over-21 PUA will probably have more success and fun.

Getting In: Entry has its ying and yang – line-ups are rare, but the bar is only full on weekends. Seven also hosts private functions some nights, so make sure to check ahead if you’re heading down. Any Calgary PUA can sneak in with some nice shoes and shirt. Also, they have no cover charge, which is a nice bonus.

Crowd Comments: A lot of guys in this venue like to show that they can drop cash and the women who frequent here don’t mind it, so bring your ‘A’ game. You’ll see a lot of young professionals, along with some veteran party girls and suited-up men.

Notes: The side room looks like a VIP area, but it’s really just a relaxed place to run some comfort game away from the music. The real VIP is quite obvious and near the DJ set-up on the open wall.


Mansion’s layout, with a central bar, caters to pick up artists. Ladies night is on Tuesdays and it fills the venue when university is in. I’m told this revamped version of Tantra is still a great place to pick up in Calgary.

Location: As the name says, it’s at 335 on the corner of 10th Ave SW. This central location is a short skip under the tracks to Roadhouse. It also neighbours Whiskey and Vinyl down the block.

Age Range: Mansion is best suited to younger guys. The only older men generally nestle into the VIP and are usually  foreign oil barons. If you’re under 30, you’ll be one with the crowd.

Getting In: Guys have no problem getting in on ladies night (Tuesdays) during the summer, but there will be a line on weekends no matter what time of year. Don’t wear Ed Hardy, Affliction or Chritian Audigier, as a ban is heavily enforced here. The cover charge is $10, which is reasonable price for a good pick up joint, if you ask me.

Crowd Comments: You’re looking at a lot of young party girls, students, and roughnecks. A busy ladies night is a goldmine of beauty, even under the brighter than average lights of the first floor. It’s a dancing crowd by the end of the night, so open sets early and often.

Notes: The hosts from the Canadian pick up show Keys to the VIP used to come here when in Calgary, as do the Flames and Stamps occasionally. Mansion may also have the hottest beer tub girls in town now that Cowboys is closed.


There will be lots of room to run game if you get to the Rhino early, and the guys are usually outnumbered by the girls – a rarity for Calgary. It’s easier to mingle and meet people here than in the city’s booming clubs. The basement, never too full, has a sinister yet seductive feel illuminated by candlelight.

Location: 607 11th Ave SW, right next to Broken City. It’s only a 10 minute straight shot to the Ship and Anchor on 17th.

Age Range: All ages for all hours of the night. Any Calgary PUA will have an opportunity to succeed here.

Getting In: When the dance floor gets hopping around 11, the line starts outside… fast. $5 cover.

Crowd Comments: Usually a 20-something bar crowd, but there is a healthy mix of 30+ as well. In general, it’s a more civil atmosphere than in other Calgary clubs, and whether you’re a scenester or a clubber, your type of girl will be here.

Notes: Unlike most Calgary pick up spots, the Rhino’s smoke pit is at the back of the venue rather than at the side. Find it just past the stairs, dance floor and bathroom. It makes for a great place to isolate.

Calgary Date Ideas

If you’re a Calgary PUA, you need to be more creative with day2 than in other Canadian cities. Here are some day 2spots field-tested by Calgary PUAs:


Until this was written, the Gerry Thomas Gallery was a Calgary PUA secret. It’s an art gallery and mini-club all in one. The walls are covered with canvas paintings and there are sculptures near the bar. There is also a dance floor with a DJ. The beauty part is that the gallery doesn’t get packed like a club, attracting a more sophisticated crowd who come in groups. Surprisingly affordable drinks too.


If you like art and enjoy successful dates, go here on the first Thursday evening of each month. Multiple floors with every kind of art, free appetizers and wine, and live music. It’s a can’t miss date at a can’t miss location – 100 7th Ave SW, right on the C-Train line.


From its name, you wouldn’t think Schanks is a good place for a date, but inside is a bowling alley, mini-golf, arcade and tons of TV screens. If you pick up girls from the University of Calgary, this is a nearby refuge and pretty affordable. Just make sure they don’t have pay-per-view fights on TV or you’ll be shrouded in the adrenaline of 500 dudes.

Other Calgary PUA Resources


This newspaper, just called Fast Forward by locals, is gospel for date ideas in Calgary. The “Best of Calgary” section has new spots everyday. You can also find it in print around town.


You’ll discover places to pick up and explore in this local blog.


Members of the Calgary Lair often go out together, so it’s a great forum to meet wingmen and learn from each other.


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For info on other Canadian cities, go to the Canada PUA Guide page.

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