Canada PUA Guide

Canada PUA Guide: How and Where to Meet Beautiful Women in Canada

For over a decade, Canada has been producing some of the world’s top pick up artists. Maybe it’s the cold weather, but something makes Canada a pick up artists dream. With a younger drinking age than the United States, (18 or 19, depending on the province)  guys can hit the bars at an earlier age. The nightlife in most Canadian cities is a good mix between classy and friendly. Canadian women are some of the best (and friendliest) out there. Canada may be cold, but the people are warm.

Anyway, to help out PUA’s in Canada, I’ve put together some city guides that should be useful. They have info on some cool bars and hidden spots for dates, plus some other goodies:


TORONTO PICK UP GUIDE – Toronto is the city where Pick Up was born. Check our page for advice.

VANCOUVER PICK UP  GUIDE – Rain or shine, Vancouver women are lovely. Find out where to meet them here.

MONTREAL PICK UP GUIDE – Picking up in Montreal is easy. Read on to find out how.

CALGARY PICK UP GUIDE – Now that Cowboys is closed, where do you go in Calgary?

EDMONTON PICK UP GUIDE – The #1 guide to Edmonton!


Also: Check out my page on how to pick up for Beginners – A basic intro to pickup techniques and attitudes for meeting and dating beautiful women.

Other Canada Pick Up resources:


The Attraction Forums are some of the most long-standing and widely used message boards in the community. Canadian PUAs can read classic writings and program reviews here. (Canadian Instructors Tenmagnet (that’s me!), Cajun and Biskit have some great posts here, along with the rest of the Love Systems team.)

There are also sections to find a wing in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton.

Of course, TAF contains a load of articles and discussion on every PUA topic as well. Make sure to check out the Canada PUA section.


This site is pure gold when it comes to reviews of potential pick up venues in Canada. It contains well written articles about the trendiest tapas and grungiest dives in nearly ever major Canadian city with a PUA scene. You are sure to find a new place to pick up, plus other spots for dates or just to chill with buddies.

Canada PUA Tips:


Although you don’t need to be on a guest list to get into most Canadian clubs, it certainly beats waiting in line. A simple way to get on the guest list is to go to a club’s website and find the guest list section. Often enough, they’ll put you on the guest list in exchange for your E-mail address. This can be vital who doesn’t want to pay cover and or wait in line.





  1. Canadian women are
    not friendly at all. They
    are far too in love with

  2. Its hit or miss Rob. Ive gone to bars in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Kingston and Belleville and felt like a fuckin rockstar, regularly taking home 1-2 girls in a night and getting 5-10 numbers just by being myself and having fun – Anywhere that people pretend to have money tho(You can tell by the faux-hawks and faux-tans in line…), and you’re fucked.


    it’s sick that you guys keep talking about being the best in Canada yet you’re never in Ottawa

    So pass by and lets see what you can do here



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