Pickup Tragedy in Calgary

I was teaching a pickup class in Calgary this weekend, which went amazing except for Saturday night, where I had a bit of a tragedy – my money amazing PUA super peacocking tie was stolen, and with it, a piece of my mojo. The culprit was a very sexy, tall 18 year old from Lethbridge. If anyone sees a girl in Lethbridge, AB, wearing a black tie with skulls on it, please call the police immediately.

Farewell Sweet Prince!

Farewell Sweet Prince!

And remember kids, if you’re going to lead a girl around the bar with your tie, remember to get it back at the end of the night.

On the upside, Calgary was fun… I did a free talk on preventing flaking for the Calgary Lair, which was great – about thirty guys came out. And the girls were friendly AND hot. It’s as though they’d never been hit on by a sober guy before. They’re a bit shy though – I literally had to grab one girl’s arm and put it around me, and then TELL her to kiss me to start a makeout. It’s like she’d never made out with a dude in a bar before… weird.

And, as always, my students were great. They all had totally different problems and goals, but in the end, they all experienced some major changes this weekend. (Good luck guys and keep in touch!).

I look forward to coming back to Calgary again!

I teach men how to pick up women in Calgary every 4-6 months. If you’d like to learn how to pick up women in Calgary, check the Lovesystems homepage for my schedule. If there isn’t a class on the schedule, there will be in a few weeks.

Chris ShepherdPickup Tragedy in Calgary
  • Fish out of water

    “And the girls were friendly AND hot. Seriously, it’s as though they’d never been hit on by a sober guy before. They’re a bit shy though…”

    As a big-city guy currently stuck in a small city (smaller than Calgary), I can attest to the friendliness and hotness of the young women here. But they ARE shy and conservative — not at all used to sexual banter, let alone make-outs in bars. For some women here, even giving out their phone number in a bar is outside their reality (and/or considered slutty behavior in itself).

    I wish some mPUA would specialize in small-city game. It’s clearly a different environment than NY/Toronto/LA/Miami. Easier in some ways (opening) but much harder in others (progressing).

  • http://www.nickhoss.com Nick Hoss

    This was my bootcamp and my first exposure to Love Systems. I remember that her friend was the first phone number and make-out I got… Crazy that I’ve now taught in that exact same bar with you, man!