Beyond Words – The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation DVD Review

Beyond Words - The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation

Beyond Words

What is Beyond Words and why is Body Language so important?

Did you know that 93% of your communication is through body language?  Like most men, you probably have no clue that your body can either betray your intentions or attract women you never knew you’d be able to get. In the Beyond Words DVD home study course, you get all the benefits of a Love Systems seminar with the ability to rewind, stop, and go over as many times as you want from top instructors such as Cajun, Vercetti, 5.0, Keychain, and Mr.M. Most of these guys in Beyond Words are trained actors or musicians, so who else to learn how to allure women with your body and sexual presence other than rockstars and actors?

Beyond Words Disc 1

Disc one of Beyond Words gives a great primer on what body language is, presented by Vercetti. Whether you are brand new to this material and just learning or you’ve been around for a while, it gives you a good overview or refresher that anyone can use. Most of the material can be found in the Love Systems bible, Magic Bullets by Nick Savoy, but what you don’t get in the book is the ability to see and hear what they are talking about.

Overview of Beyond Words Disc 1:

  •  An introductory look at Body Language:  Presence, Awareness, and Personal Space
  • Understanding body language: What Body Language is, Inner Game, Signals, How women respond, and Thin Slicing
  • Detailed look at body language: Eye Contact, Stance and Shields, and Greetings

Beyond Words Disc 2

On the second disc of Beyond Words, Vercetti digs deeper in to what Body Language encompasses. He goes over specified areas of the body such as the eyes, voice, movement, and touch. What’s great about this Beyond Words disc is that he goes over specific exercises exclusive to Beyond Words that will help you improve your Body Language on a daily basis.

Overview of Beyond Words Disc 2:

  • Eye Contact: The Science behind it, How to listen with your eyes, and Exercises you can do at home.
  • Voice: Tone, Vocal Mechanics, Breathing Exercises, Emoting, Tempo, Pitch Range, Tonality, and Acoustics.
  • Movement and Touch: Biorhythms, Making an Appearance, Comfort in Movement, Dancing, and Movement Exercises
Beyond Words Disc 3
In disc three of Beyond Words, 5.0 takes over the stage and starts to cover Physical Escalation. 5.0 does a great job breaking down Physical Escalation in to easy to follow steps that, like Body Language, are covered in Magic Bullets, but enhanced by the aid of the visuals. Learn the signs when she’s ready to kiss you, techniques for smooth SNL’s, and subtle ways to show sexual dominance.
Overview of Beyond Words Disc 3:
  • Social Touch: Being Non-Sexual, Emphasizing Points, and Neutral Zones.
  • Friendly Touch: Using Callbacks, Creating Social Proof, Reading Situations, and Routines you can use.
  • Romantic Touch: Transitioning, Push-Pull, Indicators of Interest, Creating a Lasting Impression, Compliance Testing, and way to use touch on the dance floor.
  • Sexual Touch: Logistics, Pacing the Escalation, Increasing Passion and Aggression, and Routines you can use.
Beyond Words Disc 4
 In the fourth disc of Beyond Word, Cajun goes over some advanced Body Language, relating theory he discovered to people dating back thousands of years — rock stars, celebrities, and famous sexual icons. Learn how to channel the sexual allure of a rockstar, 6 body language techniques alpha males use, and Cajun’s special Inner Game techniques and mentalities used to seduce the most beautiful women.
Overview of Beyond Words Disc 4:
  • Sexual Presence: Rockstars, Poeticizing Your Presence, and Sexually Charged Movements.
  • Restraint: What Restraint Is, The Alpha Male, and Being Un-reactive.
  • Subtext and Mystique: First Impressions, What Subtext is, Channeling, and Believing Your Subtext.
Beyond Words Bonus DVD’s
Beyond Words comes with three extra discs covering Rapid Escalation, Day Game, Inner Game, Beliefs, Online Game, and ending the Beyond Words disc set with a Q&A with Cajuns and Vercetti. Not only is Beyond Words packed with amazing seminar material that is covered above, but it comes with hours of extra content covering a wide range of topics. The Q&A session at the end of Beyond Words ends this study course perfectly because it has questions from students just like you!

Find out more about the Love Systems Beyond Words home study course.

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