Talking about Inner Game on the Love Systems Podcast

So, in addition to my appearance on News Talk 1010 last week, I also sat down with Hootie to contribute to a new episode of the Love Systems Podcast. In this episode, I go a bit deeper into some inner game concepts, and discuss poutine, confidence and how your beliefs affect your actions. If you […]

Interview with a “Real Life Hitch” – My appearance on Newstalk 1010.

@HolisticGame commented on my Newstalk 1010 interview

They billed me as a “Real Life Hitch” this week when I appeared on The Night Side with Barb DiGiulio, and it was an awesome experience. We spent 90 minutes talking about dating and answering people’s questions live on air. This was my first time on live talk radio, and I’d like to thank Barb […]

Interviewed in the Toronto Star

So, the Toronto Star did a story on me this weekend, and for the most part, I’m pretty happy with the way it was covered. The writer, Robert Cribb, sat in on my bootcamp for a weekend and interviewed some of the guys attending. “The belief in your head determines your actions,” he says philosophically, […]

Reddit AMA (Now Closed)

Update Apr 21, 2015 Well, the Reddit AMA is now closed, but thanks to News.Com.Au for writing a story about us. Update: 4:36 PM eST Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that my Reddit AMA is now LIVE. You can visit the link here. I have been answering questions since 1pm – about […]

MISSION: Change your game NOW with Qualification


Three of the most common questions I get from guys, online or in seminar are: How do I stop running out of things to say? How do I get women to open up about themselves instead of being boring? How do I get women turned on, and chasing ME? The answer to ALL these questions […]

Five Dating Mistakes Most Men Don’t Know They’re Making

Chris Shepherd - Global Montreal

  So here’s my appearance on Global Montreal this morning. I talked about the five dating mistakes that most men don’t know they’re making.   The mistakes I mentioned (and some ideas to improve if you have these problems) are: #1 Bodylanguage – Read this article on Attractive Posture if you want some quick body […]

Montreal Seminar – June 29th

Global Montreal

This morning I’m going to be on Global Montreal talking about the five things that guys do wrong in dating, and I’m going to be promoting my upcoming Seminar that will be held in Montreal on June 29th. As part of the promotion, for Today (June 12th), I will be giving away Ten (10) tickets […]

Love Systems Review (Sydney)

Love Systems Review

I always love getting in touch with former students and finding out where they are in life. A lot of them wind up meeting their “dream girl” within a few months of the bootcamp, and dropping off the face of the earth, but others stay in touch over time.  When I was in Sydney in […]

Stop Using Alcohol as A Crutch! [Video Below]

Stop Using Alcohol as a Crutch

Be honest with yourself. How many times has this happened? You’re in a bar or at a party, and you see a girl you’re interested in, and you want to talk to her. But instead of talking to her, you think to yourself “I’ll just have a drink first, to loosen up“. And then maybe […]

My Simple Theory of Attraction (From Sydney)

Chris Shepherd's Simple Theory of Attraction

Probably the most common question I am asked is “How do you create attraction”. Of course, I have a ton of techniques that I teach guys, but the key to all these techniques is understanding how attraction REALLY works in women. So in this video, I explain my simple, elegant theory of attraction that – […]