Perth PUA Bootcamps

Perth PUA Bootcamps

Perth PUA Bootcamps

Are you trying to figure out how to improve your skills with women?  There are lots of guys out there looking for someone to help them through this process.  You’ve probably seen many advertisements for different Perth PUA bootcamps, and some of them may have raised some concerns.  A lot of the programs out there seem a bit sketchy or too good to be true.

Here is what makes Lovesystems bootcamps different:

What I teach my students is classy and natural.  It has been proven all over the world, time and time again, that what I teach just works.  Plus, I have one of the longest track records in the business, having taught all over the world with amazing reviews over the past 7 years.


You are probably wondering what to expect at a Perth PUA bootcamp.  It is important to know that all different skill levels can benefit from my program.  If you’re really advanced and looking for help with sticking points, or if you’re brand new, we can help you increase your success.  I’m going to give an overview of the bootcamp schedule, what you can expect to learn, and what you can expect in the coming months after the program.


We have the program broken down into two separate portions.  During the classroom portion of the Perth bootcamp, we cover a variety of topics.  Some of the topics we cover the first day include approaching, attraction, comfort and seduction.  We also get to know our student’s during this time.  This allows us to advise them on different strategies and routines that will work well with who they are.  Later on in the bootcamp we discuss more advanced topics, such as relationships, date tips, subtext and body language.


During the in-field portion of the Perth PUA bootcamp, we have the chance to observe students apply what we teach in the classroom.  We conduct two nights of this live infield training.  To get the most out of the  bootcamp, you are going to want to be prepared to do what the instructors ask of you.  This may include doing things out of your comfort zone.  Allowing us to watch you infield gives us the chance to identify the areas you are struggling with and give you advice on how to improve on the spot.


Reviews of my Perth PUA Bootcamp


“I now have girls in other cities to call on when i visit which is exactly what was on my shopping list. TM’s biggest contribution to me was his delivery of the concept of reality versus useful beliefs. I really – maybe arrogantly – believe that I have more to offer a girl than anyone else in the space i’m in. This concept, when delivered from a place of deep belief, has resulted in huge success for me. i give the system 10/10, tenmagnet 10/10 and Elate, who has continued to help me on my sticking points 10/10.”

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It is important to note that taking the bootcamp alone is not going to get you where you want to be.  The strategies and skills taught are a great starting point, but you have to put in the work after the  bootcamp.  It is important to go out on a regular basis in order to fine-tune this skill set.  Most of our students see a drastic increase in their success somewhere between 6-9 months after taking their Perth PUA bootcamp.  They start to achieve the lifestyle they want as the ideas and lessons taught at the program become a part of their life.


The next step would be to sign-up for the next scheduled PUA bootcamp.  I have been teaching in Australia for the last 4 years and am usually there twice a a year.  With Love System’s money back guarantee, there is really nothing to lose.  Most of our students wish they would not have waited so long to take their bootcamp.


Visit the Love Systems website to see our full bootcamp schedule! 


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