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Melbourne PUA Bootcamp

Melbourne PUA Bootcamp

If you’ve found this Melbourne PUA Bootcamp page, chances are you’re trying to figure out how to improve your skills with women, and you’re searching for someone to help guide you through the process.  You’ve probably been looking at different websites, and seen a lot of offers for Melbourne PUA Bootcamps that seem a bit dodgy, or seem to offer some kind of magical solution.  If you’ve made it this far, I’m guessing you’re smarter than that, so good for you.

Why are Lovesystems bootcamps different?

  • · I have pretty much the longest track record in the business. I have been teaching bootcamps worldwide for 7 years, with amazing reviews. You can see some of those further down.
  • · What I teach just works. It’s been proven hundreds and hundred of times over the past 7 years.
  • · What I teach is classy, and natural. There are no tricks, gimmicks or sleazy tactics at my Bootcamps.

What can you expect from my PUA Bootcamp?  It’s setup in a way that all different skill sets can be catered to.  This article describes the actual schedule of the program, what you can expect to do and learn, and what you will likely experience after.

The bootcamp I teach has two separate portions.  There is a classroom portion and an infield portion of the program.  The first day starts off with in-class training and an overview of what the rest of the program will consist of.  The class starts off covering some of the basic topics like approaching, attraction, comfort, and seduction.  These classroom-training sessions are kept fun and interactive.  The great part about getting to know the students on a personal level in these sessions, is that certain routines or strategies can be identified that would work well with their personality or background.  Throughout the rest of the bootcamp, topics on body language, subtext, date tips, and relationships are all covered.  Along with this, debriefings are given after each night to identify what areas students need to work on.

There are two nights of live infield training.  The infield-training time consists of the students and instructors going out and using what was taught in the classroom.  To get the most out of a Melbourne PUA Bootcamp, you’re going to want to be prepared to listen to and do exactly what the instructors tell you to do.   Sometimes this may involve getting out of your comfort zone, but you can’t learn a new skill without trying it out.  The best part of trying these new skills infield with the instructors is that they can identify your sticking points on the spot and have you adjust accordingly.  The great thing about this program is the instructor’s show you how to apply these strategies to real life situations.

Reviews of my Melbourne Bootcamps

 “After attending this boot camp I have come out of it a much more confident person with a better understanding of this thing we call ‘Pick Up’/'Game’. I have read the Mystery Method, The Game and Magic Bullets, although I had a pretty good understanding of them all I was still unable to use these ‘tools’ and I couldn’t understand why! This made me begin to doubt myself and doubt the information in the books when in actual fact I was just not using them correctly! This boot camp has definitely opened my eyes and I am so excited to get out there and start practicing! “

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After taking bootcamp, there are some things you will likely experience in the coming months after that will open your eyes.  The ideas and strategies taught at the program are a great starting point.  However, like anything else it takes practice and repetition to fine-tune these skills.  One of the students from a Bootcamp had this to say on the topic:

 “Don’t expect to come out of this a master, most of the work is still up to you! These instructors cannot make you the person you want to be, they can simply guide you to the path you need to take to get there!”

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Most students will experience a sharp increase in their overall success 6-9 months after taking their Melbourne PUA Bootcamp.  Piece by piece, ideas from the program start to work their way into your life and help cultivate the type of lifestyle that you want.

So now what?  The next step would be to sign up for the next scheduled Melbourne PUA Bootcamp.  Most students regret not taking a bootcamp sooner than they did.  With Love Systems money back guarantee, there’s really nothing to lose.  I have been teaching in Australia for about 4 years now and am usually there twice a year.


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