Derek Cajun the Pick Up Artist (PUA) on Keys to the Vip (With Video)

Cajun PUA on Keys to the VIP

I’ve scoured the internet to find real working video of my good buddy Derek Cajun’s appearance on Keys to the VIP. It seems like copies of this show are really hard to find online these days. Apologies for the quality, it’s the best video I can get. Please be aware that other pickup companies have been taking copies of this video and putting their own advertising on it – I¬†recommend¬†you don’t trust anyone who does stuff like that. Anyway, this is the REAL, unedited footage of Cajun’s appearance on Keys to the Vip.

Derek Cajun is a fellow Lovesystems dating coach, as well as one of my best friends, and a former student of mine. He appeared a little while back on Keys to the Vip, and completely kicked ass. If you don’t know what Keys to the Vip is, it’s a TV show where Pick Up Artists (I hate the term, but that’s what they use) compete, live, to pick up women.

I remember watching it with Cajun PUA the night it was broadcast, and telling him “Derek! That Keys to the Vip episode was a half hour infomercial on how you’re awesome!” You should keep in mind that unlike other PUA videos, we didn’t have ANY control over this situation, and in fact the producers were TRYING to screw Cajun up, and to make his job more difficult. They didn’t edit anything out of this broadcast to make Cajun look good – he just rocked it.

Anyway, if you’re interested in learning more about Cajun PUA, or the company that we both work for, visit the Lovesystems website. We have a free email course that is full of amazing content. Or check out Magic Bullets – probably the most popular dating ebook on the internet.

Cajun on Keys to the Vip


Update: Derek Cajun has released a new ebook, called the Gentleman’s Guide to Online Game. It’s really the best online game guide out there, from a guy who clearly knows his stuff. Of course, you should watch Keys to the VIP too, it’s a great show.


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