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Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet)

Hey guys, thanks for visiting my site.

I’ve been teaching guys how to meet women for almost 8 years now, and 6 years professionally. I’m probably one of the most experienced, and well reviewed dating coaches in the world.

I’ve been in the media too many times to mention, so I’ll just give you a link to  NINE PAGES OF LOVESYSTEMS IN THE MEDIA, in which the consensus is that our methods work, and most people think we’re nice guys too. One review I’m particularly proud of is when recommended my bootcamp. How great is that? I also had the Toronto Star say some good things about me recently.


More Reviews

Here’s a great review from my buddy Cajun:

Tenmagnet is hands down the guy whom I’ve learned the most from. Neil Strauss got me into the whole thing from reading his book, so I suppose he should be mentioned. TD’s earlier posts gave me some insight into how valuable taking an analytical approach could be, which helped me tremendously as I was learning. Other than them, I suppose Errol Flynn would be my favourite classical pick-up artist, I based my moustache off his for a while haha.

Tenmagnet taught me the basis for nearly everything I know. Every time I needed an answer he would have it, even to this day, I still ask him for advice, and he always delivers. His style was also a great one to base mine off of because it was so natural, as mine was also, so I think that affected the speed at which I learned, everything he taught me came so easy since it fit in so perfectly with my personality.

Student Reviews

On the first night, I got to watch Tenmagnet with a group of 3 girls. We had sat down at a bench beside their table…and from my limited experience I didn’t think an interaction that started out with one of the girls telling us to keep an arm’s length away could possibly go anywhere. Not only that but the first two conversation starters were received quite coldly by the group. Yet Tenmagnet stayed very cool and calm. Eventually something hooked and after another ten minutes, one of the girls was practically begging for a number exchange.

I was also impressed with Tenmagnet’s dedication. After winging a fellow student on the second night, he had a beautiful blonde ready to go home with him (and quite quickly I thought). But naturally he continued to coach us on for the rest of the night, which not unexpectedly cost him the night with her – and his favorite peacocking tie from what I hear!

Tenmagnet Bootcamp – Calgary, 

I took the MM bootcamp. Tenmagnet was an awesome instructor and day 1 opened my mind to a whole new way of viewing social dynamics. But I still didn’t get it. At the end of night one in the field, I had some success. Approach anxiety was my SP and I had approached at least 15 sets, maybe more. The sets weren’t really going anywhere, but it was something though. But I still didn’t get it. Day 2 was very powerful, Cajun shared some excellent information with us. Now I’m starting to get it.

Night 2 in the field was like being able to see another dimension or something. Cajun refers it to ‘seeing the Matrix’. For example, a Russian 2 set were speaking to each other in their native language. I don’t understand Russian, but I was so aware of their body language, I was able to get the context of the conversation. They were so embarrassed, they assumed I couldn’t understand them, but I did. I opened tons of HB’s and hooked a few HB’s and even passed up on a possible hookup that was mine for the taking.(It was too early in the night, I was there to learn PU, not just to get laid) A very successful night. I think I get it now.

Tenmagnet & Cajun Bootcamp – Vancouver

The advice Sinn, Future, and Tenmagnet give really apply to life and they should make you a better person. Thus a more attractive man that women want to be around with.

Interview Vol 6 Identity (Tenmagnet, Sinn & Future)

That dude can talk. He laid it down solid throughout the whole seminar, and then led the charge in field. In the seminar room he went through all the theory and threw in TONS of specific examples and I always felt like (a) I knew exactly where I was coming from, and (b) This guy has a TON of experience sarging. He had lot’s of specific examples that made sense.

His best quality is hard to describe. It was something along the lines that he is very intuitive, and had a knack for drilling right into the heart of whatever issue the student was expressing or struggling with. He didn’t pull any punches and told the guy’s in explicit terms exactly what they needed to change or how to look at things in a way to move them forward. I got the sense that it was like that Tom Berringer 80’s cowboy comedy movie “Rustlers Rhapsody” where the main character rides into town, and he can tell the future because the exact same sh!t happened in every other cowboy movie town. Tenmagnent seems like the kind of guy who has done a lot of seminars, and knows what the issues are and how to fix them.

His interpersonal presentation is extremely smooth and charismatic. He is very “socially calibrated” to use a cliché. And you get the feeling like just hanging out with the guy for a couple of days shooting the sh!t would up your game.

Tenmagnet Bootcamp – Chicago, 

For those considering this and not sure about taking the bootcamp, let me offer you this: Yes, it’s an iffy situation cause you’re paying for something that’s not tangible. But, let me tell you, it was worth the price. For the leap it gave me, I’d do it all over again. It was the best weekend of my life because it CHANGED my life. It’s an investment you make in yourself and it’s a great investment. Now when you see a girl you want, you can make her part of your universe easily and be happy knowing she’s part of it cause of your actions and not hers.

Tenmagnet Montreal Bootcamp – 

Seeing Tenmagnet, Cajun and Braddock in action was fantastic. And like Pretense said, they are all cool, regular guys. Debriefing on Sunday and just laughing and shooting the shit about the night before reminded me of the best of times with my football team mates or fraternity brothers. In fact, it was even more fun since we were bonding over chasing tail with more success than ever before. Even without numbers or lays per se, spending an evening with friends talking to over a dozen cute girls each beats most nights I’ve ever had going out with the guys.

It was also cool to see the different styles. Tenmagnet knows his stuff up and down. Any question, any situation, he can break it down and tell you what will most likely work. He did several sets – all incredibly done – but really focused on helping the students and pushing us into sets. My first set was a 7-set he pushed me into. I was able to get in and it was an incredible experience. Tenmagnet is a master.

Tenmagnet Bootcamp – Houston Texas

He provided advice that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own, and wouldn’t have gotten from someone with less experience and expertise than he has. Most important: this is not the type of advice I could have just found in a book/online. It was tailored to my specific situation and social setting. This advice ranged from broad strategies to little tricks I could try. I’ve already started to apply some of the things he suggested and am seeing good results.



  1. He is one of the best PUA i have ever seen, but i think its his incredible hability to teach other people whats even more impressive.
    Hes a very cool dude to hang out and party!!
    The best jokes i have heard.


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