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My name is Chris Shepherd, and I’m a founding instructor at Love Systems, the world’s largest and most successful Dating Coaching Company.

My philosophy is simple – learning how to be social, and how to be good at dating is a skill, like any other. Just like learning to play the guitar or serve a tennis ball, you need to have the right knowledge, the right instruction and the right practice. I’ve been teaching since 2003, and have personally taught thousands of men how to turn their dating lives around.

If you’re interested in signing up for some live training, head to www.Lovesystems.com to see my schedule. Otherwise, have a look around my site, its full of great content that I’ve been posting for years and years now.

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And Tenmagnet is da man!

That dude KNOWS how to play this game forwards and backwards. We watched him all weekend in set after set after set.He was In Like Flynn with everyone in every set he entered in no time flat. Every question that was asked to him during the 3 days he had an instant and brilliant answer for that was simplified to make it easy to apply immediately.

Only downside was that it had to end. But, it was definitely a transformational experience that will last forever for me!

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by: jason121mx

That dude can talk. He laid it down solid throughout the whole seminar, and then led the charge in field. In the seminar room he went through all the theory and threw in TONS of specific examples and I always felt like (a) I knew exactly where I was coming from, and (b) This guy has a TON of experience sarging. He had lots of specific examples that made sense.

His best quality is hard to describe. It was something along the lines that he is very intuitive, and had a knack for drilling right into the heart of whatever issue the student was expressing or struggling with. He didn’t pull any punches and told the guys in explicit terms exactly what they needed to change or how to look at things in a way to move them forward. I got the sense that it was like that Tom Berringer 80’s cowboy comedy movie “Rustlers Rhapsody” where the main character rides into town, and he can tell the future because the exact same sh!t happened in every other cowboy movie town.

Tenmagnet seems like the kind of guy who has done a lot of seminars, and knows what the issues are and how to fix them. His interpersonal presentation is extremely smooth and charismatic. He is very “socially calibrated” to use a cliché. And you get the feeling like just hanging out with the guy for a couple of days shooting the sh!t would up your game.

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by: Rooster

From: Crono

At the end of the first night, Tenmagnet broke down all of the students’ sticking points. Not exaggerating at all, Tenmagnet was so thorough and detailed in the breakdown that I was pretty much convinced right there that the rest of the weekend was going to be phenomenal…and I wasn’t let down. He rhymed off my main sticking points and explained them all, and they were so dead on. It was like he had some sort of extrasensory pickup sense.

by: Crono
From: Hysteria

Tenmagnet ripped apart our stories and molded us new ones that were congruent with our lives. I had already thought I knew everything there was to know about storytelling from the Interview Series Volume 3 but it’s not the same as having a live instructor help you develop them from scratch. We must have spent a good TWO HOURS on storywriting and I thought it was an incredible bargain, especially considering I highly anticipated it.

by: Hysteria

Chris Shepherd should not be confused with Chris Sheppard


  1. I’d like to send some recent LR’s for your amusement… Do you have an email address?


  2. Hey man, we added your blog to our PUA Directory. Check it out:


    Great work!

  3. Do you conduct any live in field bootcamps in Toronto or Canada?

    • Tenmagnet says:

      Yep. I visit every major city in Canada every few months. If you’re interested, I suggest you call the office at 800.680.0821. My next program in Toronto is Nov 2-4, but I’m doing Montreal August 24-26th. You can also find out more at http://www.lovesystems.com

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