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The Love Systems 11 Essentials DVD Home Study Course

11 Essentials Home Study Course

What is the 11 Essentials Home Study Course?

Once a year the world’s top Pick-up Artists get together in possibly the greatest city there is to meet women — Las Vegas — and this is how 11 Essentials was born. Over the span of a week students fly from around the world to work with the leading dating instructors in subjects ranging from Day Game, Body Language, How to get  Attraction from Women, Inner Game, and everything in between. 11 Essentials comes from the 2010 Love Systems Super Conference and is perfect for anyone, whether you are just starting to get your love life on the track to where you want it or you just need to fine-tune some  specific points. 11 Essentials comes with footage from the top dating coaches, but also on-screen notes, drills, exercises, and original commentary from Love System’s founder and top dating coach, Nick Savoy.


11 Essentials is one of the most revolutionary products in dating science released to date. You get hours of training and an inside look at possibly the greatest event of the year from all the big names for a fraction of the price of training, so it’s perfect, and affordable, for everyone. What’s great is that you can go over this material at any time, as often as you want! The only thing better than 11 Essentials would be training with a Love Systems Instructor at a bootcamp.


11 Essentials Disc 1, 7 Seductive Ideas – Nick Savoy

This is a perfect intro for both the attendees of the Super Conference and the viewers of 11 Essentials. It opens the doors to what their weekend will be like and what everyone watching this product can learn. He goes deeper than the age of adage of “Just be yourself” and presents other ideas that will lead you to success.

Included on this disc:

  • Dispel 7 common beliefs that prevent men from meeting and dating hot women.
  • An overview of the 11 Essentials DVD set, as well as a sneak peek in to the Love Systems Super Conference.

11 Essentials Disc 2, The Love Systems Triad – Future

If you know anything about Future, you know what’s in store on this presentation. Future is a beast! He’s hilarious, intelligent, and a great presenter.

In this 11 Essentials disc, he goes over the cornerstone of Love Systems — The Triad! His presentation is so precise, easy to understand, knowledgeable, and interesting to watch! Of course you can read up on the model alone, which is something you should do, but being able to hear it with years of experience creates a new tone for it. This presentation is necessary to understand the basic concepts of what everyone who is successful with women is doing, whether they know it or not! It’s also great because it’s laid out thoughtfully and easy to understand — something men want!

Included on this disc:

  • Learn the three-dimensional model of seduction — Emotional, Physical, and Logistical — and how to use it to spot your sticking points as well as maximizing your chances of success.
  • Learn the four stages of touch that are necessary to do right away that will take you from casual touching to intimacy.

11 Essentials Disc 3, Intro to Attraction – The Don

In his video he goes over the Attraction Switches, diving in to each one very deeply and telling you why they work and giving examples of them along the way. He also goes over the different ways to create attraction, emphasizing that ultimately you need a mixture of the different ways of creating attraction.

Included on this disc:

  • Learn three simple methods to building attraction that any guy can use tonight!
  • Understand how crucial confidence is to seduction and learn how to project confidence so that you’re turning her on.

11 Essentials Disc 4, 200% Social Proof – 5.0

If you’ve seen 5.0 on The Beyond Words DVD, you know that this segment of 11 Essentials is going to be AWESOME! In no way was I let down in his presentation. The bulk of his time seems to be focused more on if you’re going out solo and shows how to create social proof with everyone from the door people to bartenders, rapid escalation, and how to start creating your social proof the INSTANT you walk in the door. He goes over some good techniques on how to deal with the blow outs and a couple good escalation routines that are genius! One of my favorite discs.

Included on this disc:

  • Learn how to build social proof in your community that will show you’re a man of power as well as specific tactics you can start using to build this social proof efficiently.
  • How to build social proof rapidly in venues that you have never been in or in high end venues.

11 Essentials Disc 5, Qualification – Keychain

Qualification is a harder concept to grasp, but Keychain does an excellent job going over it. He explains what Qualification accomplishes and why it is necessary to continue through the Emotional Progression Model. After watching this segment you will understand how to make the girl feel like she’s won you over after you’ve attracted her enough — something that can make or break an interaction with a woman.

Included on this disc:

  • Learn the 4 types of Qualification and how to use them.
  • Why Qualification is necessary to date the hottest girls.
  • How to use Qualification to “ping” her Attraction level.

11 Essentials Disc 6, The Power of Frames – Future

Yes, there’s a reason why Future is on this product twice….because he is AWESOME and has his stuff down. This might be my favorite disc on here simply because it deals a lot with what’s going on inside your head — something all guys worry about. He goes over good mindsets for success and teaches you how to deal with “tests.” This is essential even outside of the dating life because frames occur in every aspect of your life and once you have a better understanding of them you will become more in tune with social actions.

Included on this disc:

  • Three attitude changes related to framing that can solve 90% of the problems most students face.
  • How to use frames with a woman to generate attraction and sexualize the situation.

11 Essentials Disc 7, Storytelling – Tenmagnet

If you’ve worked with Tenmagnet before, you’ll know why he’s teaching the Storytelling segment on 11 Essentials — he has the ability to create captivating stories out of the mundane and can teach you how to do the same. He talks about how men and women tell stories differently and what the points you want to touch on are for each sex. If you want to know why storytelling is important and how a good story will help you, definitely watch this presentation. The advice he gives for telling better stories is easy to use and understand and will no doubt hold on to people’s interest when you use his advice.

Included on this disc:

  • Learn the four characteristics of Storytelling that you want to convey.
  • How to keep your stories interesting, and make them flow better on dates.
  • How to brag, without being braggy.
  • How to use character development to communicate good things about you in a natural way.

11 Essentials Disc 8, Identity – Cajun

Cajun is pure gold in this presentation. This is is probably my second favorite disc because, like the Frames presentation, it is applied to general life. He explains great ways to present yourself and have an attractive personality. Learn to become the man that you always have wanted to be and realize that Identity is king! As always, it has some of Cajun’s crazy humor in it which is the icing on the cake!

Included on this disc:

  • Why it’s important to have a strong identity and the 4 elements that go in to creating your own unique identity.
  • How to build social proof and reinforce your identity with the environment that you share with women.

11 Essentials Disc 9, Inner Game – Vercetti

Vercetti is a very strong presenter and always gives great advice, along with exercises to achieve what he’s talking about! The main bulk of this is limiting beliefs and what goes on in a guy’s head and how to become the man you want to be. Like I said, since Inner Game is a very abstract subject to teach, the exercises are what makes this much more useful as opposed to a really great pep talk that gives you a emotional high for a short period.

Included on this disc:

  • Learn the right mindsets and processes for improving not only your game, but your whole life!
  • How to create a step by step roadmap to success.
  • A 5 step process and interactive drills to get your head in the right place.

11 Essentials Disc 10, Day Game – Soul

Soul is the master of Day Game! He has innovated and reformed so much in Day Game before passing it off to Nick Hoss that it only makes sense that he is doing the Day Game talk on 11 Essentials. He talks about the pros and cons of Day Game vs Night Game, and gives great advice on the whole interaction — which is pretty different from Night Game. He gives solid advice on conversation mapping too — something very useful in creating a fluid conversation. Listening to him speak is very inspiring and it really comes through in the end of his presentation how passionate of a teacher he is.

Included on this disc:

  • A proven way to approach women in public, including demonstrations of body language, vocal tone and pacing, and physical contact.
  • Exercises to create your own “Mastery Topics” that will help you build a connection and attraction quickly, without seeming too try-hard.
  • A simple 3-question framework to guide the conversation in your Day Game approaches.

11 Essentials Disc 11, Older Men and Younger Women/Conclusion – Bullet

In all honesty, this was the last disc I watched on 11 Essentials, just because of the name I didn’t think I’d learn anything from it. Boy was I wrong. He gives some great Inner Game advice and talks about how different traits become more attractive to a woman as a guy ages. Watch this and see how you can crush your limiting beliefs by seeing someone do it first hand. It’s totally cool to see an older guy doing what most older guys only creepily dream of!

Included on this disc:

  • How to capitalize on your strengths without directly competing with men in their 20’s.
  • Specific routines for opening and attraction that are fit for older men approaching younger women.

11 Essentials Wrap Up
I was completely satisfied with 11 Essentials and the only way you could top this is by taking an actual program! Take your time watching these videos so you can digest the information (you have the luxury of being able to stop, rewind, and repeat!) and even consider taking notes to highlight the points that hit home with you or things that you want to use or work on.

Get a sneek peek of the 11 Essentials videos, here!

Find out more about the 11 Essentials at their official website! 

Inside the Black Box: 11 Essentials DVD Home Study Course

Inside the Black Box: 11 Essentials DVD Home Study Course

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